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  • Film Review – Gloria Bell (2018)

    Film Review – Gloria Bell (2018)

    In 2013 Sebastian Lelio released his breakthrough Chilean drama, Gloria. It propelled the filmmaker into the international arena, like most critically acclaimed films, a remake usually follows. As history foretells, those remakes usually end badly and 2018 that remake arrived. Gloria Bell is one of those rare occasions a remake actually worked. In the original…

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  • Film Review – Her Smell (2018)

    Film Review – Her Smell (2018)

    Ever since her role in The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss has broke that ‘supporting role’ to become a leading actress. In 2018 Alex Ross Perry‘s Her Smell (which I wathed at 2019 Glasgow Film Festival), starring Moss recently aired on BBC. now on iPlayer what better time to give this underrated film a review. Sex,…

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  • Film Review – Thunder Road (2018)

    Film Review – Thunder Road (2018)

    It’s sad, frustrating there’s many people who call themselves film fans who rarely watch films outside what we call mainstream cinema. They don’t realise the fountain of wonderful films like Jim Cummings‘s Thunder Road waiting for your viewing pleasure. Any wannabe filmmaker hestitating to what steps to take to kick-off their career should take note…

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  • Film Review – Werewolf (2018)

    Film Review – Werewolf (2018)

    76 years on the horrors of World War Two still plagues the mindset of humanity. In Adrian Panek‘s Werewolf (Wilkolak), the trauma of war haunts liberated children in this psychological game of wits and survival. As much as films, TV Shows even books have educated us on the horrors of the holocaust, very few of…

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  • Film Review – Mid90s (2019)

    Film Review – Mid90s (2019)

    Very few actors have transferred from the front to behind the camera with ease and critical success. Jonah Hill is the latest actor trying his luck and impresses with Mid90s. Over his 15 plus years acting, Hill has had the privilege with working with some of the best when it comes to directing. Gus Van…

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  • Film Review – Border (Gräns , 2018)

    Film Review – Border (Gräns , 2018)

    Who are we? Where Do I belong? Questions peoples ask universally every day. From gender, sexuality to ancestry. In Ali Abassi‘s Border (Gräns), a womans indentity is ingrained in Swedish Folklore. Probably the strangest uniquely surreal original film you’ll see in 2019! Abassi’s film shares a lot with Ari Aster‘s Midsommar, in what genres can…

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  • Film Review – Arctic (2019)

    Film Review – Arctic (2019)

    When James Wan released Insidious, he reinvigorated a very tired horror genre. Going back to basics to get maximum return, something you could do to any genre. Joe Penna‘s Arctic follows those rules in the Survival thriller genre. They do it in the most minimal, effective , sophisticated way. Mads Mikkelsen stars as our stranded…

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  • Film Review – The Quietude (2018)

    Film Review – The Quietude (2018)

    Sometimes It’s good going into a film knowing very little about it with low expectations. In Pablo Trapero’s last film, The Clan (2015)it was a bizarre, engrossing tale about a Bourgeois family tipping it’s toes into the evils that money brings. The ending took us all surprise (in a good way), expecting the unexpected. We…

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  • Film Review – The Vanishing (2018)

    Film Review – The Vanishing (2018)

    Gerard Butler will forever be known for his trashy  action flicks or forgettable rom coms. Could we ever see the day he pulls of some serious acting? Yes and it’s called The Vanishing! The Paisley born actor might  flex his muscles in ancient Greece, saving American Presidents or chasing Drug lords. For this one he…

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  • Film Review – Dragged Across Concrete (2018)

    Film Review – Dragged Across Concrete (2018)

    S.Craig Zahler is fast becoming the go to director for exploitative genre films, even if he calls them at times ‘Hybrids’. Bone Tomahawk a horror western, Brawl In Cell Block 99, a batshit crazy prison thriller. Now add Dragged Across The Concrete, that harks back to 1970’s violent pulpy thrillers. Another slice of corruption dented…

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