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  • DVD Review – Himizu (2011)

    DVD Review – Himizu (2011)

    A sole purpose of a film is to entertain, tell a story maybe deliver a specific message which may get people talking, debating possibly trigger some form of action. Most filmmakers will deliver that entertaining story but as soon as you leave that cinema or if it’s a DVD switch off your player that 2…

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  • Film Review – Love Exposure (2009)

    Film Review – Love Exposure (2009)

    If you’re like been a fan of Japanese pop culture it’s been a journey of many great times but also a journey of many stressful when those who don’t understand the finer  details attack unselfishly. If we where to choose a sole representative to let the world know the reasons why we love this culture,…

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  • DVD Review – Kotoko (2011)

    DVD Review – Kotoko (2011)

    Mental Illness is no laughing matter nor should it be something we should ignore either and it comes in all shapes and sizes but most of all it can affect us all. We sometimes think we understand the illness or selfishly think we have all the answers to curing the illness, in Shinya Tsukamoto‘s Kotoko…

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  • DVD Review – Adrift In Tokyo (2007)

    DVD Review – Adrift In Tokyo (2007)

    In today’s financial climate it’s very rare to find someone who is in debt any shape or form,so if someone offered to wipe those debts how would you react?What’s the catch? All you have to do is accompany that person on a cross city walk and at the end of the walk 1 million Yen…

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  • DVD Review – Confessions (2010)

    DVD Review – Confessions (2010)

    When It comes the Oscars it’s anything but a cliche when it comes to who’ll win the main awards. It’s also the same when it comes to the best foreign feature and sadly Japan’s official entry didn’t even make the final five, but it’s down to narrow mindedness of the judges, its there loss but…

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