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  • Film Review – Her Smell (2018)

    Film Review – Her Smell (2018)

    Ever since her role in The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss has broke that ‘supporting role’ to become a leading actress. In 2018 Alex Ross Perry‘s Her Smell (which I wathed at 2019 Glasgow Film Festival), starring Moss recently aired on BBC. now on iPlayer what better time to give this underrated film a review. Sex,…

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  • Netflix Review – Apostle (2018)

    Netflix Review – Apostle (2018)

    Many people these days, Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans will still be an unknown quantity. To others, he was the mastermind behind the brilliant, visceral, pulsating Indonesian thriller The Raid (2011) and the equally rewarding The Raid 2 (2014). Nearly four years on, we haven’t heard much from the director (apart from ‘Safehaven’ segment in the…

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  • Film Review – Colossal (2017)

    Film Review – Colossal (2017)

    Nacho Vigalondo‘s (Time Crimes, Extraterrestrial) Colossal will probably be one of the most uniquely surreal movies you will watch in 2017. An impressive hybrid of genres that creates a movie that will think you know what’s going on when really you shouldn’t second guess. Just embrace the chaos as the indie Spanish filmmaker gives us…

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