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  • Film Review – Love Exposure (2009)

    Film Review – Love Exposure (2009)

    If you’re like been a fan of Japanese pop culture it’s been a journey of many great times but also a journey of many stressful when those who don’t understand the finer  details attack unselfishly. If we where to choose a sole representative to let the world know the reasons why we love this culture,…

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  • DVD Review – Kotoko (2011)

    DVD Review – Kotoko (2011)

    Mental Illness is no laughing matter nor should it be something we should ignore either and it comes in all shapes and sizes but most of all it can affect us all. We sometimes think we understand the illness or selfishly think we have all the answers to curing the illness, in Shinya Tsukamoto‘s Kotoko…

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  • DVD Review: The Adopted (Les adoptés)

    DVD Review: The Adopted (Les adoptés)

    There’s two sayings I like to use a lot,”We’ve got to start somewhere so why not here?” and “Family’s Family”,these two saying are very relevant to The Adopted(Les adoptés)the directorial feature for French actress Melanie Laurent. The film may not be Oscar winning material but a film with real promise for a debut about Families…

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  • DVD Review – Salt Of Life (Gianni Le Donne)

    DVD Review – Salt Of Life (Gianni Le Donne)

    My year and a half living in sun-drenched Sorrento in Southern Italy were a fruitful, memorable and some of the best times of my life. I learned a lot from the Italians, how wonderful great hosts they can be also learning the way of life way different even from central/Northern Italy. In the south its…

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  • DVD Review – Big Bad Wolves (2013)

    DVD Review – Big Bad Wolves (2013)

    Their names may not be familiar to many cinephiles but when Quentin Tarantino endorses your film as his favourite film of 2013 people will sit up and take notice.With his stamp of approval, you can automatically guess what world you are stepping into in Aarhon Keshales and Narot Papushado‘s Big Bad Wolves (2013). A darkly…

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  • DVD Review – The Last Days (Los últimos días)

    DVD Review – The Last Days (Los últimos días)

    Barcelona these days is not usually a city to be the centre of a disaster, more renowned for its great culture, weather but most of all been the destination of one of   World football’s finest teams. In The Last Days (Los últimos días) The Pastor Brothers (Carriers) once again take us into a post-apocalyptic…

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  • DVD Review – Crows Zero 2 (2009)

    DVD Review – Crows Zero 2 (2009)

    Takashi Miike has provided some of my favourite films from the other side of the world in the past 15 years or so. From the horror classic Audition to the cult classic Ichi The Killer and more recently 13 Assassins. Manga / Anime is another passion of mines (though a little non-existent past few years)…

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  • DVD Review – ID:A (2012)

    DVD Review – ID:A (2012)

    Christian E.Christiansen didn’t get off to the best of starts with his first outing into English Language films with his 2011 dud The Roommate, which was simply terrible. His venture sees him head back to his homeland of Denmark hoping for a little rub of the green of recent success of Scandinavian thrillers will help…

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  • DVD Review – The Raid (2011)

    DVD Review – The Raid (2011)

    When someone tells you ‘don’t believe the hype’ in regards to a certain film you have to say the majority of the time there true as that film ends up being a disappointment not living up to the hype. However, there are times such as Gareth Evans The Raid a film that’s built up such…

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  • DVD Review – Red Light Revolution (2012)

    DVD Review – Red Light Revolution (2012)

    The world is sadly still in the middle of a financial meltdown but in China things do look on financial terms a lot healthier,some people may not know they are the fast growing market globally. No matter where in the world you are there’s a little three letter word that connects us all and that’s…

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