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  • Crazy But True Films

    Crazy But True Films

    Cocaine Bear is one of the big releases in UK cinemas this. It’s crazy to think this bonkers film Is actually based or ‘inspired’ by a true story. Below is a list of eight films whose plots are so crazy they true or inspired by a true story. BlacKKKlansman (2018) This is one ridiculous story…

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  • Great Yakuza Films

    Great Yakuza Films

    To tie in with Eureka Entertainment’s release of Hideo Gosha’s Violent Streets out now on Blu-ray, I’ve decided to look some of the best Yakuza films. Yakuza, Japanese crime syndicates aka the Japanese Mafia. They had their hand in every honey pot from entertainment sector, politics, publishing, I could go on and on and on.…

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  • Must See Films To Watch At 2023 Glasgow Film Festival

    Must See Films To Watch At 2023 Glasgow Film Festival

    The 19th edition of Glasgow Film Festival will take place between 1st and 12th March. This year’s festival will have 70 UK premieres, 6 world, 16 international and 6 Scottish premieres set to play. There is something for all at this festival and every year they do surprise us. Below is 10 films we are…

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  • Actor Who Stepped Out Of Their ‘Comfort Zone’

    Actor Who Stepped Out Of Their ‘Comfort Zone’

    To tie in with one of this week’s new releases Alice, Darling starring Anna Kendrick we look at those actors who have stepped out of there comfort zones in the name of their art. Many have gained critical recognition, other possibly deserve some. One thing they all have in common is in the past they…

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  • Movies Set On/In Water

    Movies Set On/In Water

    Giant Smurfs in water aka Avatar : The Way Of Water is still the big release in UK and Irish cinemas. Recently on Scary Monsters And Super Geeks internet radio show (on Voodoo Radio) I shared this list, dedicated to films set in water. Be on the surface or in it or even both. As…

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  • Eat The Rich, Movies About Class Conflict

    Eat The Rich, Movies About Class Conflict

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who, during the French Revolution, cryptically warned, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” To coincide with last week’s review of The Menu, I have a look at some of the best ‘Eat The Rich’ movies. Those movies that satirically dig at the class conflict using…

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  • Chronicles In Film Now Twitter!

    Chronicles In Film Now Twitter!

    It’s taken us nearly 7 years to catch up, but we’ve done it. Chronicles In Film is now finally on social media! Since day one of the blog we have been sharing The Peoples Movies social media to share new posts, info . We will still use those one but now we have twitter and…

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  • Films Set In Tokyo, Japan

    Films Set In Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo Japan is a wonderful city and last month I visited the place for 7 nights. I ticked it off my bucket list, a holiday that’ll never forget. For this feature, I’ve decided to look at 10 films set in the fantastic city or has pivotal scenes in Japan’s capital. The choices some may not…

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  • Best Bill Nighy Performances

    Best Bill Nighy Performances

    The wonderful Bill Nighy is the star and leading actor in Living. The English language reboot/remake of Akira Kurosawa’s classic 1952 Ikiru. In celebration of Living now in UK cinemas I’ve decided to create a list of some of Nighy’s best moments. Sometimes that film might be critically acclaimed other times not but he is…

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  • Best Korean Noir Movies

    Best Korean Noir Movies

    Park Chan-Wook’s Decision To Leave is currently in UK and Irish cinemas, and on MUBI from 12th December. I decided to have a look at some of the best noir films South Korea have released over the years. Chan-Wook’s film is inspired by Film Noir hence this list and as for ever this is only…

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