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  • Film Review – Day Shift (2022)

    Film Review – Day Shift (2022)

    Bill Withers’ song Just The Two of Us could easily all about Day Shift. Starring Jamie Foxx and Vampire action comedy are like the perfect couple. That maybe on paper, on the small screen are they ‘fang-tastic’ together in Netflix’s latest Original? Foxx brings his Hollywood A game as Bud Jablonski a hard working blue…

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  • Blu-ray Review: Django Unchained

    Blu-ray Review: Django Unchained

    The master of homage Quentin Tarantino made his timely return to the big screen back in January with another entry to his ‘Hate, Murder and Revenge’ trilogy. For this film we head West as his homage to Spaghetti Western Django Unchained which prepares for it’s home release, but are we getting another classic dialogue driven…

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