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  • Film Review – Nocebo (2022)

    Film Review – Nocebo (2022)

    Wealthy families and Nannies seem to go hand in hand in the horror genre. After the weirdness of Lorcan Finnegan’s Twilight Zone chiller Vivarium, things get supernatural in his follow up Nocebo. The nanny is here to help you! Eva Green drowning in a psychological crisis as a children’s fashion designer Christine. She is suffering…

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  • Film Review – Vivarium (2019)

    Film Review – Vivarium (2019)

    Life is just like one big lottery, no one knows what each day will brings. We approach every day with a level of contentment hoping a little bit of luck will shine us. Bang it hits you with an unexpected curveball, like the classic Frank Sinatra song ‘That’s Life‘, we adapt and hope for the…

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