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  • Film Review: Magnificent Warriors (1987)

    Film Review: Magnificent Warriors (1987)

    It’s amazing what one film can do to for an actors exposure. Michelle Yeoh will be on the Oscars campaign trail with Everything Everywhere At Once. Unless you were already a fan, many people are now discovering what film’s she has been in. Eureka Entertainment’s Magnificent Warriors showcases one of those early incarnation and why…

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  • Film Review: Violent Streets (1974)

    Film Review: Violent Streets (1974)

    Hideo Gosha’s 1974 Yakuza crime thriller Violent Streets(暴力街,Bôryoku gai) is the latest film to join the ever increasing Eureka Entertainment’s Masters Of Cinema series. Once again they do not disappoint, they don’t hold back on anything either. A gallery of rogues who exploited every nook and cranny of humanity if their clan gained control and…

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  • Episode 2: The Chronicle Podcast Listen Now

    Episode 2: The Chronicle Podcast Listen Now

    It’s finally here Episode 2 of The Chronicle, the official Podcast of Chronicles In Film. For this week’s episode we have 2 classics from Asian Cinema from Eureka Entertainment. First up is Hong Kong action comedy Magnificent Warriors (1987). Starring a young Michelle Yeoh as a secret agent during the Sino-Japanese war. A film which…

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  • Great Yakuza Films

    Great Yakuza Films

    To tie in with Eureka Entertainment’s release of Hideo Gosha’s Violent Streets out now on Blu-ray, I’ve decided to look some of the best Yakuza films. Yakuza, Japanese crime syndicates aka the Japanese Mafia. They had their hand in every honey pot from entertainment sector, politics, publishing, I could go on and on and on.…

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  • Best Hong Kong Crime Thrillers

    Best Hong Kong Crime Thrillers

    When it comes to crime thrillers, some of the best ever made have come from Hong Kong. Thought provoking, action packed, noir tinged, captivating sometimes even slow burning and comedic. The sub genre has given us some film auteurs actors who have ventured into Hollywood, most of all great films. To coincide with Running Out…

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  • Film Review – Running Out Of Time 1+2 (Masters Of Cinema)

    Film Review – Running Out Of Time 1+2 (Masters Of Cinema)

    Released as part of their brilliant Masters of Cinema series, Eureka Entertainment give us the slick cat and mouse thriller Running Out Of Time. Directed by Johnnie To and a film that was released in 1999 and was one of Hong Kong’s biggest box office hits of that year and now released in the UK…

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  • Film Review – Nosferatu (1922)

    Film Review – Nosferatu (1922)

    It’s easy to call yourself a film fan or even a cinephile but when you dig a little deeper to find out why they call themselves fans its then you truly find out how much of a fan you really are. Film is one of the most culturally diverse art forms ever created, true cinephiles…

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  • Film Review – Werewolf (2018)

    Film Review – Werewolf (2018)

    76 years on the horrors of World War Two still plagues the mindset of humanity. In Adrian Panek‘s Werewolf (Wilkolak), the trauma of war haunts liberated children in this psychological game of wits and survival. As much as films, TV Shows even books have educated us on the horrors of the holocaust, very few of…

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