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  • Film Review – Tetris (2023)

    Film Review – Tetris (2023)

    When it comes to video games nowadays, gamers are spoiled for choice in what they can play, and the games are usually visually gorgeous. Let’s go back a few decades to Tetris, a revolution in its day. Although it may not look like it, it was highly addictive, like a drug. Jon S. Baird’s film…

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  • Film Review – See How They Run (2022)

    Film Review – See How They Run (2022)

    Whodunnit? The old fashioned murder mystery the past few years has been making a big comeback. The latest comes from Tom George, his debut directorial feature after working on Television and radio. Sadly that comedic debut is a predictable mess with wafer thin character backgrounds with very little room to shine. Sam Rockwell and Saoirse…

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  • Film Review – Sorry We Missed You (2019)

    Film Review – Sorry We Missed You (2019)

    Here in the UK, we seem to live in a society that rewards the wealthy getting richer. They also reward for ‘punishing’ those just simply trying to exist. It doesn’t help much that the nation’s press are predominantly right wing. Who take great pleasures at demonising the unemployed, the lowly paid, to them they are…

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  • Film Review – The Vanishing (2018)

    Film Review – The Vanishing (2018)

    Gerard Butler will forever be known for his trashy  action flicks or forgettable rom coms. Could we ever see the day he pulls of some serious acting? Yes and it’s called The Vanishing! The Paisley born actor might  flex his muscles in ancient Greece, saving American Presidents or chasing Drug lords. For this one he…

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  • Netflix Review – Apostle (2018)

    Netflix Review – Apostle (2018)

    Many people these days, Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans will still be an unknown quantity. To others, he was the mastermind behind the brilliant, visceral, pulsating Indonesian thriller The Raid (2011) and the equally rewarding The Raid 2 (2014). Nearly four years on, we haven’t heard much from the director (apart from ‘Safehaven’ segment in the…

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  • Film Review – Beast (2018)

    Film Review – Beast (2018)

    He may not be on our Television screens anymore, the spirit of Jim Bergerac lives on in Beast. Michael Pearce’s brilliantly dark psycho-mystery loved on the festival circuit, sadly missed on its cinematic run, now available to own. Star-crossed lovers or star-crossed killers? The charming little island of Jersey been the setting for many Television…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD

    Blu-Ray Review – Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD

    When we pass a certain landmark birthday, the realisation you’re getting older time is flying by you. Been in my 40’s does have its advantages, born in 1970’s, a kid in the 1980’s. An era when of some of the greatest ever comics were born, like 2000AD. 1977 may have been ‘anarchy in the UK’…

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  • Film Review – Lady Macbeth (2017)

    Film Review – Lady Macbeth (2017)

    They say never judge a book by its cover, this is a saying you could easily relate to William Oldroyd’s Lady Macbeth. An impressive unflinching directorial debut feature of oppression and lust in North East England. This movie may share the name of one of William Shakespeare’s tragic heroines, this does, however, share guilt and death. This…

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  • Film Review – Their Finest (2017)

    Film Review – Their Finest (2017)

    British cinema may not have risen to the dizzy heights of Hollywood, but for our size were proud of what we’ve done or are we just too humble to admit? Keep calm and carry on, the British Ministry Of Information are to make things right in Lone Scherfig‘s (An Education) Their Finest. A warming nostalgic…

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  • Film Review – A United Kingdom (2017)

    Film Review – A United Kingdom (2017)

    The power of love does wonders for many people even if that love is regarded by some as ‘Forbidden Love’. In Amma Asante‘s  A United Kingdom, it’s a love that caused a rift between two nations, as a man’s right to lead his nation. On paper, this sounds astonishing and it’s story that had to…

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