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  • Film Review – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Film Review – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Hollywood and the history of remakes go way back. As other genres and formats, such as animation, began to enter the scene, things got even more intriguing. Remakes have been a part of the industry for a long time and have ranged in quality and critical success, from outstanding to downright terrible. In 2017, another…

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  • Film Review – Tropic (2022)

    Film Review – Tropic (2022)

    Sisterhood and brotherhood can be bonds that are hard to break. In Edouard Salier‘s Tropic, the brotherly bond is vigorously tested as brothers train to become astronauts. Science fiction doesn’t always have to be about invading aliens, the unknown, or even technology. Salier‘s drama is very much a sci-fi story grounded in reality, with a…

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  • Film Review – M3GAN (2023)

    Film Review – M3GAN (2023)

    Over the years we’ve been reading books and magazines, watching films have all warned us Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter. The Terminator films warned it would be a matter of time before the robots take over. In Prometheus, Michael Fassbender’s David warned ‘Big things have small beginnings’. One of those small beginnings, you could say…

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  • Film Review – After Yang (2021)

    Film Review – After Yang (2021)

    What’s it like to be human? It’s a question Kogonada’s After Yang attempts to unearth an answer to. The spellbinding sci-fi morality drama that asks us to dive deep into our hearts. With humanity’s relationship with artificial life is put to the test. There is no hiding from it, we are all going to die…

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  • Film Review: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness (2022)

    Film Review: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness (2022)

    6 years after the original flawed first Doctor Strange film we have the Sequel. He did warn us in Spider-Man: No Way Home ‘Don’t Mess With the Universe’ the sequel is that madness unleashed. This takes place after the events of No Way home, we see a ponytailed Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) defending a young…

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  • Film Review – Dune (2021)

    Film Review – Dune (2021)

    In 1972 David Bowie with The Spiders From Mars sang the 1970’s Ron Davis song ‘It Ain’t Easy’, a song that relates to the mammoth task Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune. Frank Herbert’s masterful sci-fi is complicated and complexed which since it’s creation considered unfilmable. Just like Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy (also considered…

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  • Film Review – Arrival (2016)

    Film Review – Arrival (2016)

    Communication is the greatest gift anyone can have, from body language to actually talking to one and other. Sadly these days society uses this gift to abuse or use them for ulterior motives. In Denis Villeneuve‘s Arrival the relationship of humanity is put to the test thanks to emergence of the mysterious aliens. In 2020…

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  • Film Review – Vivarium (2019)

    Film Review – Vivarium (2019)

    Life is just like one big lottery, no one knows what each day will brings. We approach every day with a level of contentment hoping a little bit of luck will shine us. Bang it hits you with an unexpected curveball, like the classic Frank Sinatra song ‘That’s Life‘, we adapt and hope for the…

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  • Film Review – Alien Covenant (2017)

    Film Review – Alien Covenant (2017)

    40 years ago in 1979, Ridley Scott directed Alien, a claustrophobic masterpiece that merged sci-fi with the horror which no one could hear you scream. Seven years later James Cameron gave us the near perfect sequel, Aliens (1986). It showed how adaptable the original film idea could be, now blending sci-fi with action thriller. Both…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Ready Player One (2018)

    Blu-Ray Review – Ready Player One (2018)

    Recently a younger relation called me ‘old’, asking what my generation ever give to film and pop culture. Two words Steven Spielberg, a master storyteller who helped shape the blockbuster film. This week we see the home entertainment release of Ready Player One, a nostalgic ride into the Eighties and Nineties pop culture. Spielberg influence/inspiration…

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