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  • Film Review – Babylon (2023)

    Film Review – Babylon (2023)

    Jared Leto will sleep easily tonight after the release of Damien Chazelle’s Babylon. The latest film from the man who created Whiplash (2014), First Man (2017) and La La Land (2019). Films many cinephiles consider as a ‘Masterpiece’ and the Oscar success of his previous film, the word that comes to mind is baffling…How the…

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  • Movies Named After Towns and Cities

    Movies Named After Towns and Cities

    David O’Russell’s Amsterdam was recently released in UK and Irish cinemas. As you can see from the film’s title it’s a city name, the list below is movies whose titles are named after towns and cities. An extra bonus I’ve decided to also include other movies that have a town and city names as part…

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