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  • Film Review – Bacurau (2019)

    Film Review – Bacurau (2019)

    ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’, it’s a saying you can use in many situations including describing films like Kleber Mendoca Filho and Juliano Dornelles‘ Bacurau. A film you may think you about,  but you really don’t. All about wealthy inequality, class struggle, dripping in blood-lust and Udo Kier! More and more we’re seeing…

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  • Film Review – Boca (2010)

    Film Review – Boca (2010)

    James Brown was the Godfather of Soul, Many regard Iggy Pop the Godfather of Punk, Marlon Brando was the Godfather, in Brazil Hiroito Joanides De Moraes was the Godfather of Sao Paulo and BOCA is his story…Sort off. Boca is based on the autobiography of the so-called main gangland boss of Sao Paulo’s notorious red…

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