Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 131

That time of the month has arrived again! Last week I recorded Episode 131 of Outside Centre Film Podcast.  Exploring world cinema with  September choices  a man in grief in Inceland, A pathetic man stuck in a  Slovakian kitchen sink absurdity that wants to be a Greek Tragedy. Finally a tender love story set in… Read More Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 131

Film Review – The Whistlers (2019)

Corneliu Porumboiu is a big player in the Romanian New Wave Cinema with Police, Adjective (2009) his most well known creation. His films are not known for their commercial friendliness, more deadpan, realism. Eleven years on Porumboiu’s The Whistlers is released and it’s his most accessible film to date. A stylish noir inspired playful thriller.… Read More Film Review – The Whistlers (2019)