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  • Eat The Rich, Movies About Class Conflict

    Eat The Rich, Movies About Class Conflict

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who, during the French Revolution, cryptically warned, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” To coincide with last week’s review of The Menu, I have a look at some of the best ‘Eat The Rich’ movies. Those movies that satirically dig at the class conflict using…

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  • Film Review – The Menu (2022)

    Film Review – The Menu (2022)

    Even on holiday I have to get my cinema fix, That came on my first full day in Tokyo, Japan.  Ending the day  with a trip to the local Toho cinema in Shinjuku which has Godzilla above it. A late night screening,  and Japanese ticket prices are very similar to the UK.  Got my ticket,…

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  • Film Review – Barbarian (2022)

    Film Review – Barbarian (2022)

    Never take anything for granted be it in life or even judge a book by it’s cover. Same could be said about Zach Cregger’s absolute bonkers Barbarian. Genre film is like the comfort blanket of film. You have an idea in what you’ll be getting, you’ll enjoy it regardless if it’s any good. Horror is…

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  • Film Review – See How They Run (2022)

    Film Review – See How They Run (2022)

    Whodunnit? The old fashioned murder mystery the past few years has been making a big comeback. The latest comes from Tom George, his debut directorial feature after working on Television and radio. Sadly that comedic debut is a predictable mess with wafer thin character backgrounds with very little room to shine. Sam Rockwell and Saoirse…

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