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  • Arthouse Horror That Divided Critics And Fans

    Arthouse Horror That Divided Critics And Fans

    In connection with Alex Garland’s Men we have a list of arthouse horror or elevated horror (as some like to call it) that most film critics seem to love but has divided film fans or vice versa. Under The Skin (2014) This was the one that saw a certain Scarlett Johansson, drove around the streets…

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  • Film Review – Beast (2018)

    Film Review – Beast (2018)

    He may not be on our Television screens anymore, the spirit of Jim Bergerac lives on in Beast. Michael Pearce’s brilliantly dark psycho-mystery loved on the festival circuit, sadly missed on its cinematic run, now available to own. Star-crossed lovers or star-crossed killers? The charming little island of Jersey been the setting for many Television…

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