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  • Movies Named After Towns and Cities

    Movies Named After Towns and Cities

    David O’Russell’s Amsterdam was recently released in UK and Irish cinemas. As you can see from the film’s title it’s a city name, the list below is movies whose titles are named after towns and cities. An extra bonus I’ve decided to also include other movies that have a town and city names as part…

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  • Film Review – Thor: Love And Thunder (2022)

    Film Review – Thor: Love And Thunder (2022)

    It’s the long awaited return of the Space Viking and The God of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth once again is Thor in another space adventure directed by Takia Waititi which people will know from What We Do In The Shadows, Jo Jo Rabbit and the previous Thor film, Thor: Ragnarök. Which was hailed as an revelation…

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  • Film Review: Terminator Salvation Review [no.2]

    Film Review: Terminator Salvation Review [no.2]

    Well, I said I wanted to give this film a second chance, oh boy I wish I hadn’t. This was a night visit to the cinema and back to Grandview Plaza, Another full screen and before you know it the movie was starting before we even sat down After first reviewing this away back in…

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  • Film Review – Public Enemies

    Film Review – Public Enemies

    The first movie I watched since I returned from China plus today was my birthday and Public Enemies was a film I was eagerly waiting to watch this since it came out the start of July and it wasn’t even released in China yet. Johnny Depp plays John and the renowned gangster (not as a…

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  • Film Review: Terminator Salvation

    Film Review: Terminator Salvation

    Well I’ve waited along time to see this and I think the worse thing I did was to take note of the American reviews which where mostly negative ones, so right away the Terminator Salvation was on a loosing battle with me. The film is set in 2018 a post apocalyptic earth and John Connor…

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