Film Review: Terminator Salvation Review [no.2]

Well, I said I wanted to give this film a second chance, oh boy I wish I hadn’t. This was a night visit to the cinema and back to Grandview Plaza, Another full screen and before you know it the movie was starting before we even sat down After first reviewing this away back in June I did read a few more positive views and was willing to give this film another chance and when the chance rose in China I took the chance and straight from the start I wish I went to see another movie. I have to say the only better thing out of the movie this time was the sound was a lot better, maybe it was because I was on a smaller screen this time compared to the larger screen from the first time but it didn’t sway my review.

Okay if you’ve been living on another planet the story for this movie is it’s now 2018  and John Connor is a big boy now and played by Christian Bale and he’s now the leader of the resistance and he learns that Skynet have a hitlist and he’s no.2 on the list, no.1 is Kyle Reese his youthful “but in the future” father and John’s quest to beat the robots takes a slight detour. Throw in Marcus Wright(Sam Worthington) who you see at the start of the movie in jail about to go to death chamber and signing his life away to a sick Helena Bonham Carter in 2003, 15 years later he walks out Skynet, blah, blah, blah.

Fantastic special effects, Wonderful CGI and good sound and music but nothing more. One dimensional acting from everyone and no one can really relate to the characters and we know the likes of Bale and Carter can act.  The terminators themselves used to be like the cybermen scary but now there old bits of metal (some of the newer machines where decent though). The script is poor full of terminator bullet holes and if I was Cameron I would be aiming the bullets at McG as he’s made a mockery of his iconic sci-fi masterpiece. Even if Mr Cameron gave his blessing or showed some support maybe, that maybe the reviews may have gained a half a rating.

This anticipation of this movie was so high even the young James Tiberius Kirk had to get the enterprise to take a d-tour around the trash in its way. This could have been a decent movie  but all we got was a dull, boring drained MTV-rescue crap. With film number 5 coming soon a lot of fingers need pulled out and new directors and story writer put in place or we’ll have to say the Terminator is past it sells by date.

★★| Paul Devine

Sci-fi, Action | USA, 2009 |Rating: 12A | 3rd June 2009 (UK) |Sony Pictures |Dir: McG |Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood, Anton Yelchin

Originally post at The Peoples Movies | 2nd August 2009

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