Film Review – Moonrise Kingdom (2012, Criterion Collection)

“What kind of bird are you?!”, Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom is the latest film from the director to join the Criterion Collection. The perfect platform to showcase his talents, with a charming sweet tale of lost love. Young love and unbridled friendship. The film is the follow up to Anderson’s 2009 stop animation Fantastic Mr.Fox.… Read More Film Review – Moonrise Kingdom (2012, Criterion Collection)

Film Review – Border (Gräns , 2018)

Who are we? Where Do I belong? Questions peoples ask universally every day. From gender, sexuality to ancestry. In Ali Abassi‘s Border (Gräns), a womans indentity is ingrained in Swedish Folklore. Probably the strangest uniquely surreal original film you’ll see in 2019! Abassi’s film shares a lot with Ari Aster‘s Midsommar, in what genres can… Read More Film Review – Border (Gräns , 2018)