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  • Movies Based Around Board and Puzzle Games

    Movies Based Around Board and Puzzle Games

    This list was created to tie in Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves cinema release. This list I created is based on movies that are Board games and some puzzle games. Many will be obvious in what they are and some of the other you might have to think about. As ever this list is…

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  • Boxing films that are not Creed or Rocky

    Boxing films that are not Creed or Rocky

    Later this month Creed III directed and starring Michael B Jordan along side Jonathan Majors will be available to own on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. This list I’ve decided to check out some great Boxing films that are not Creed or Rocky. As ever the list below is in no particular order and is only…

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  • Film Review – Air (2023)

    Film Review – Air (2023)

    The revolution may not have been televised, but it was written more than six decades ago. In 1984, another revolution took place with the introduction of Ben Affleck‘s Air, which changed the game and made Nike the ultimate choice in basketball shoes…Air Jordan. Here in the UK, we may be a nation that prefers football…

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  • Film Review – Tetris (2023)

    Film Review – Tetris (2023)

    When it comes to video games nowadays, gamers are spoiled for choice in what they can play, and the games are usually visually gorgeous. Let’s go back a few decades to Tetris, a revolution in its day. Although it may not look like it, it was highly addictive, like a drug. Jon S. Baird’s film…

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  • Film Review – The Beasts (2022)

    Film Review – The Beasts (2022)

    The Ten Commandments teach us to ‘Thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself‘, including fellow humans, animals, and all life. However, in Rodrigo Sorogoyen‘s The Beasts (As Bestas), that commandment goes out the window. The four walls we live within are meant to be our sanctuary, protecting us from the wilderness of the outside world.…

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  • Film Review – Tropic (2022)

    Film Review – Tropic (2022)

    Sisterhood and brotherhood can be bonds that are hard to break. In Edouard Salier‘s Tropic, the brotherly bond is vigorously tested as brothers train to become astronauts. Science fiction doesn’t always have to be about invading aliens, the unknown, or even technology. Salier‘s drama is very much a sci-fi story grounded in reality, with a…

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  • Film Review – One Second (2020)

    Film Review – One Second (2020)

    The power of film can truly accomplish wonderful things. It can excite, immerse, and intrigue you, and it can even make you feel happy or angry. It has the ability to provoke emotions in people, as seen in Zhang Yimou‘s One Second (2020), and it can bring communities together. Yimou is one of the very…

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  • 2023 Glasgow Film Festival Review – A Man (2022)

    2023 Glasgow Film Festival Review – A Man (2022)

    Never judge a book by its cover” is a saying we can easily apply to people. In Kei Ishikawa’s slow-burning, complex drama, A Man, not everything is as it seems. When people meet for the first time, whether it’s for love or friendship, we always have a level of trust and try not to judge…

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  • 2023 Glasgow Film Festival Review – The Ordinaries (2022)

    2023 Glasgow Film Festival Review – The Ordinaries (2022)

    Do you ever wish you could fit in somewhere other than where you are now? Sophie Linnenbaum‘s inventive feature debut, The Ordinaries, is a delightful satirical look at society. What type of character are you? Are you the main character or a supporting character? Do you have a role, or do you even want one?”…

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  • Film Review: Broker (2022)

    Film Review: Broker (2022)

    Japanese film maker Hirokazu Kore-eda continues his journey around the world creating films. His latest film Broker now takes him closer to home and South Korea. His previous film The Truth starred Catherine DeNeuve, Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke in his French and English language debut. Cinephiles who love their world cinema and arthouse films…

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