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  • Film Review – Saint Maud (2020)

    Film Review – Saint Maud (2020)

    Great films are those ones that linger in your thoughts long after you have watched that film. Same could be said about those bad films. Rose Glass debut feature Saint Maud (2020), it’s an impressively chilling psychological horror that will terrorise your mind long after that first viewing…Your saviour is here! When it comes to…

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  • Must See Films At 2020 Glasgow Film Festival

    Must See Films At 2020 Glasgow Film Festival

    This coming Wednesday 26th February , 2020 Glasgow Film Festival will open its doors. The 16th edition of the festival will take place across 12 days. We can expect World premieres, 10 European premieres, 102 UK premieres and 39 Scottish premieres. Over 380 movies  will be shown at this years festival which can be very…

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