Must See Films At 2020 Glasgow Film Festival

This coming Wednesday 26th February , 2020 Glasgow Film Festival will open its doors. The 16th edition of the festival will take place across 12 days. We can expect World premieres, 10 European premieres, 102 UK premieres and 39 Scottish premieres.

Over 380 movies  will be shown at this years festival which can be very daunting. This year’s festival maybe more World cinema/Independent focused, doesn’t mean the quality of film will be different.

Apologies for the lateness of this post, so some films might be sold out by the time this goes live. The opening and closing films are sadly sold out. There is so many films we think you should check out, below are 10 of them in a little details. But at the end we’ll mention the others, just remember everyone’s tastes are different.

ABOUT ENDLESSNESS (Om det oändliga) Dir.Roy Andersson

He’s a master of deadpan absurdity, Roy Andersson returns with another series of vignettes. All set around the existence of humanity, depicting the topsy turvy world unaware of what truly matters. Apocalyptic, eerie, beautifully haunting. If you have seen his last film A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014), you know what your getting! UK Premiere

2nd March (2100) & 3rd March (1545) | Buy Your Tickets


We do love following actors who for years mad a name for themselves in a major film fanchise. Daniel Radcliffe we’ve followed him on the big screen most of his life as Harry Potter. It maybe 9 years, since the final film but his life after Potter has been an interesting one. This one looks to add to his scope of his acting ability with a true story. Playing Tim Jenkins one of the white South African men arrested for his activism supporting ANC during apartheid. Sent to Pretoria Central prison, labelled a ‘terrorist’by the racist white government. This is a salute to the human spirit and those who fought against oppression.

29th February (2015) & 1st March (1500) |Buy Your Tickets

GUTTERBEE Dir.Ulrich Thomsen

A film about sausages and friendship. Dry, layered comedy about Trump’s racist America in which a bipolar, German sausage maker wants to open a restaurant in small-town America. Any dig at the grand Oompa Loompa Trump and shallowness of those who believe his xenophobia/racism worthy of a look. Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen (The Thing remake, In A Better World) directs, starring Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting), Anthony Starr (The Boys).

29th February (1745) & 1st March (1530) | Buy Your Tickets

OUR LADIES Dir.Michael Caton-Jones

Lock up your sons, the sisters of no mercy are here! If someone said to you Scottish Derry Girls, its a perfect description of this one. Michael Caton-Jones’ film of six Catholic choir girls from a small Highland town who head to Edinburgh for a competition. Soon as training is over, the booze is flowing, hormones on overdrive and the banter is crude. Most of all this is a funny film with plenty of heart.

29th February (1300) & 8th March (1330)| Buy Your Tickets

SAINT MAUD Dir.Rose Glass

Nothing better than unsettling horror, like this British chiller. Arthouse horror reminds us The Exorcist with a big slice of Lars Von Trier ala Breaking The Waves. A dive into obsession, isolation and urban deprivation. A young born again nurse who strives for religious salvation from the demons plaguing her. Can Maud (played by Morfydd Clark) save her patient? Your saviour is coming!

7th March (1545) | Buy Your Tickets

THE TRUTH Dir.Hirokazu Kore-eda

Hirokazu Kore-eda (Shoplifters) steps into his first Non-Japanese language film. Fabulous cast with French screen legend Catherine Deneuve as a veteran actress who releases her memoirs. The book opens Pandora’s Box of home truths, resentment and confrontation. Juliet Binoche stars as the daughter rturning home with her American husband (Ethan Hawke).

3rd March (1815) & 4th March (1545) | Buy Your Tickets

VFW Dir.Joe Begos

Frightfest favourite Joe Begos hot off the release of his Gaspar Noé inspired drug fuelled nightmare Bliss. Returns with a 1980’s retro style genre film as war veterans team up to take on deranged drug dealer and his punk mutants. Sounds totally bonkers, like Wild Bunch meets Night Of The Living Dead! Strap in for the longest night of your lives.

7th March (2100) | Buy Your Tickets


Young Promising Woman was 2020 Surprise Film

Our favourite part of the Glasgow Film Festival. No one knows what film it could be and if we knew we would have to kill you! Haha only joking, seriously the there is only a couple ofpeople who know and two of them are the festival directors. Will that film be a soon to be released cinema film? Preview or even a classic film? 2019 was Gloria Bell starring Julianne Moore, 2020??? Buy a ticket and find out yourself!

4th March (2040) |Buy Your Ticket

BUTT BOY Dir.Tyler Cornack

If the film’s name hasn’t teased your curiosities, the prospect of a film described as “the indie lovechild of Quentin Dupieux and John Waters”. Unlike you have ever seen before! When sales rep Chip’s addiction isn’t alcohol and when a local child goes missing, could his addiction be something more sinister?

7th March (1830) | Buy Your Ticket

WHITE RIOT Dir.Rubika Shah

Rubika Shah’s lively and all-too-relevant debut documents the short-lived yet immensely influential grassroots movement Rock Against Racism (RAR).Winner of Best Documentary at London Film Festival 2019, founder Red Saunders promoted multicultural punk and reggae gigs as resistance to the emerging neo-Nazi movement though the nation’s youth. When the likes of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson spreading racist rhetoric watch this awesome doc is a reminder fascism has no place in 21st century society.

6th (2030) & 7th March (1300) | Buy Your Tickets

Other notable films include – 5 Is The Perfect Number (2nd & 3rd March), Atlantis (3rd &4th March),Eternal Beauty (4th& 5th March) – Full line up here.

Glasgow Film Festival will run from 26th February until 8th March.

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