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  • Film Review – One Second (2020)

    Film Review – One Second (2020)

    The power of film can truly accomplish wonderful things. It can excite, immerse, and intrigue you, and it can even make you feel happy or angry. It has the ability to provoke emotions in people, as seen in Zhang Yimou‘s One Second (2020), and it can bring communities together. Yimou is one of the very…

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  • Cinemas In China – Guangzhou Style (Part 2)

    Cinemas In China – Guangzhou Style (Part 2)

    All those little (large) things you hate about the cinema happen here in China. Playing with mobile phones, texting there friends and family every minute, bad ringtones, talking loudly i experienced them all in the first movie. I have to say the other movies there wasn’t really much of the mobile phone use happening but…

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  • Cinemas In China – Guangzhou Style (Part 1)

    Cinemas In China – Guangzhou Style (Part 1)

    Most of us are used to going to cinema’s in UK to those big American Style multiplex out  of town cinema with 10 or more screens with all the latest big blockbusters, everything in big scale including the ticket price. Some people are fortunate to been in a town which still has the old style…

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  • DVD Review – Red Light Revolution (2012)

    DVD Review – Red Light Revolution (2012)

    The world is sadly still in the middle of a financial meltdown but in China things do look on financial terms a lot healthier,some people may not know they are the fast growing market globally. No matter where in the world you are there’s a little three letter word that connects us all and that’s…

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  • Film Review: Red Cliff (Chi Bi)

    Film Review: Red Cliff (Chi Bi)

    Money has been really tight the past few weeks and now im officially unemployed regularly going on my favourite weekly pass time is going to be hard especially with all the big movies coming out. Saturday I really wanted to go and see this but decided against but now I dont have much to do I decided…

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