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  • Film Review – The Cleansing Hour (2019)

    Film Review – The Cleansing Hour (2019)

    As they these days, you can find anything online including exorcisms! In Damien LeVeck‘s The Cleansing Hour, exorcism go live online and is our ‘priest’ battling (fake) evil every week? Everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame these days. Those opportunities used to come in the shape of talent shows in pubs and…

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  • Film Review – Saint Maud (2020)

    Film Review – Saint Maud (2020)

    Great films are those ones that linger in your thoughts long after you have watched that film. Same could be said about those bad films. Rose Glass debut feature Saint Maud (2020), it’s an impressively chilling psychological horror that will terrorise your mind long after that first viewing…Your saviour is here! When it comes to…

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  • Film Review – Sea Fever (2019)

    Film Review – Sea Fever (2019)

    Neasa Hardiman‘s eco-horror chiller Sea Fever is the directorial debut feature for Bafta wining writer/director, who brought us the likes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Inhumans. A gripping creature feature terrifyingly resonates with the battle humanity finds itself in with a certain pandemic. Starring Hermione Corfield as Siobhan , a marine biology student. When we…

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