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  • Film Review: Tangerine (2015)

    Film Review: Tangerine (2015)

    Sean Baker has established himself as one those film makers who has captured the voice of those trying to find the American Dream. Those who struggle with daily lives or the voiceless, the downtrodden that society forgets about. One could say he’s like the Ken Loach of American cinema and his 2015 film Tangerine is…

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  • Film Review – Nocebo (2022)

    Film Review – Nocebo (2022)

    Wealthy families and Nannies seem to go hand in hand in the horror genre. After the weirdness of Lorcan Finnegan’s Twilight Zone chiller Vivarium, things get supernatural in his follow up Nocebo. The nanny is here to help you! Eva Green drowning in a psychological crisis as a children’s fashion designer Christine. She is suffering…

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  • Film Review – Call Jane (2022)

    Film Review – Call Jane (2022)

    Phyillis Nagy has made a name for herself as screen writer notably Todd Haynes Carol, now making her directorial feature debut with Call Jane. The story of the power and the right choose for women in 1960’s USA. It’s terrifying to think that a film set 60 plus years is slowly resonate with what’s happening…

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  • Film Review – Escape From Pretoria (2020)

    Film Review – Escape From Pretoria (2020)

    After 20 plus years playing the boy wizard, Daniel Radcliffe has done his best to make sure when Hogwarts door closed for him he wouldn’t be forgotten. Same could be said about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson with Twilight Saga. One could argue about the qaulity of those films, which we’ll leave you to decide.…

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  • Film Review – Monstrous (2022)

    Film Review – Monstrous (2022)

    Monstrous we originally watched at  2022 Glasgow Film Festival (part of Arrow Video FrightFest line up), now out on Digital in the UK and Ireland from Koch Films. This indie period based supernatural thriller that stars Christina Ricci in the lead role. NO longer is she just known for being Wednesday Addams. A role that…

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  • Film Review – Her Smell (2018)

    Film Review – Her Smell (2018)

    Ever since her role in The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss has broke that ‘supporting role’ to become a leading actress. In 2018 Alex Ross Perry‘s Her Smell (which I wathed at 2019 Glasgow Film Festival), starring Moss recently aired on BBC. now on iPlayer what better time to give this underrated film a review. Sex,…

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  • Our Most Anticipated Films For Sundance 2022

    Our Most Anticipated Films For Sundance 2022

    It’s that time of the year again, the first major international film festival has arrived, Sundance. Last year was a big year for us at the festival and things where made easier with the whole festival going digital and online. The 2022 Festival was set to be a hybrid format with so many films able…

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  • Amazon Prime Review – Blow The Man Down (2019)

    Amazon Prime Review – Blow The Man Down (2019)

    Murder, fish knives, dark family secrets, sea shanties and female empowerment are all the range in small town noir in Blow The Man Down. The film marks Bridget Cole and Danielle Krudy‘s feature film directorial debut (the pair worked in short films and Television).I watched this at the Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year, describing…

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  • Film Review – Lost Transmissions (2019)

    Film Review – Lost Transmissions (2019)

    The well used saying  “never judge a book by it’s cover” is probably the greatest  used saying in so many situations including people. In our daily lives we’re sometimes too quick to judge people, thinking we know everything about them from one action or what they said.  Mental Health is an invisible illness that’s on…

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  • Film Review – Thunder Road (2018)

    Film Review – Thunder Road (2018)

    It’s sad, frustrating there’s many people who call themselves film fans who rarely watch films outside what we call mainstream cinema. They don’t realise the fountain of wonderful films like Jim Cummings‘s Thunder Road waiting for your viewing pleasure. Any wannabe filmmaker hestitating to what steps to take to kick-off their career should take note…

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