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  • Film Review – Sea Fever (2019)

    Film Review – Sea Fever (2019)

    Neasa Hardiman‘s eco-horror chiller Sea Fever is the directorial debut feature for Bafta wining writer/director, who brought us the likes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Inhumans. A gripping creature feature terrifyingly resonates with the battle humanity finds itself in with a certain pandemic. Starring Hermione Corfield as Siobhan , a marine biology student. When we…

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  • Film Review – Sorry We Missed You (2019)

    Film Review – Sorry We Missed You (2019)

    Here in the UK, we seem to live in a society that rewards the wealthy getting richer. They also reward for ‘punishing’ those just simply trying to exist. It doesn’t help much that the nation’s press are predominantly right wing. Who take great pleasures at demonising the unemployed, the lowly paid, to them they are…

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  • Film Review – Mid90s (2019)

    Film Review – Mid90s (2019)

    Very few actors have transferred from the front to behind the camera with ease and critical success. Jonah Hill is the latest actor trying his luck and impresses with Mid90s. Over his 15 plus years acting, Hill has had the privilege with working with some of the best when it comes to directing. Gus Van…

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  • Film Review – Arctic (2019)

    Film Review – Arctic (2019)

    When James Wan released Insidious, he reinvigorated a very tired horror genre. Going back to basics to get maximum return, something you could do to any genre. Joe Penna‘s Arctic follows those rules in the Survival thriller genre. They do it in the most minimal, effective , sophisticated way. Mads Mikkelsen stars as our stranded…

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  • Film Review – The Cured (2018)

    Film Review – The Cured (2018)

    When it comes to zombie films, you could easily say they’ve done it all. In David Freyne‘s debut film, The Cured he comes up with an ingenious twist, a fresh take on a tired sub-genre…A cure! What if there was an worldwide epidemic that stole your loved ones, you would do anything to get them…

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  • Film Review – Final Portrait (2017)

    Film Review – Final Portrait (2017)

    Netflix can be a wonderful place to discover those ‘blink you miss’ cinema releases or those films that deserve a bigger audience. After watching Stanley Tucci‘s A Quiet Place clone The Silence, I stumbled across Final Portrait (2017). A little known charming indie directed by Tucci, probably seen more on the Festival circuit than cinema.…

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  • Film Review – Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (2019)

    Film Review – Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (2019)

    Originality is hard to come by these days, many would never think it could come from a man who wore a Papier Mâché head.Being Frank Frank: The Sievey Story is the story of that man Chris Sievey and his Papier Mâché alter ego Frank Sidebottom. Even nine years after his death Frank Sidebottom and Chris…

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  • Film Review – Mobile Homes (2017)

    Film Review – Mobile Homes (2017)

    Based on his 2013 award winning short film of the same name, Vladimir De Fonteney’s Mobile Homes. A film based on those lost in the cracks of the American Dream, the forgotten and the impoverished. Life is full of pitfalls, wrong turns, bad choices and regrets. Imogen Poots stars as a young mother trying to…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Smithereens (1982, Criterion Collection)

    Blu-Ray Review – Smithereens (1982, Criterion Collection)

    It takes a lot to stay focused and follow what you believe in or what you desire is doomed. In Susan Seidelman‘s Smithereens (1982), Wren (Susan Berman) is a determined young woman who wants to be famous. Even if that means loosing and alienating those few friends you may have to get what you want.…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Sex, Lies And Videotape (1989, Criterion Collection)

    Blu-Ray Review – Sex, Lies And Videotape (1989, Criterion Collection)

    Over time, they say somethings get better as they age a little and then start to appreciate them a lot more. This is a sentiment you can easily relate to film, sometimes certain films should be left in the decade they came from like Sex, Lies, And Videotape. The 1989 film marked the directorial feature…

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