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  • Film Review – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Film Review – Ghost In The Shell (2017)

    Hollywood and the history of remakes go way back. As other genres and formats, such as animation, began to enter the scene, things got even more intriguing. Remakes have been a part of the industry for a long time and have ranged in quality and critical success, from outstanding to downright terrible. In 2017, another…

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  • Film Review – Chef (2014)

    Film Review – Chef (2014)

    They say you should never go to work on an empty stomach, the same can be said about Jon Favreau‘s Chef. A film that sees the director actor go back to his independent roots instead of his recent formulaic blockbusters for something with a feel good feeling leaving you in a mood to eat and…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Don Jon (2014)

    Blu-Ray Review – Don Jon (2014)

    The world was a completely different place before the birth of the internet, it’s now smaller place and how we think as well, the way see each other too has drastically changed. Once the favourite ‘passtime‘ of dirty old men in rain macs pornography has went from the seedy back street cinemas to your own…

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  • Film Review – Her (2014)

    Film Review – Her (2014)

    They always say a dog is a man’s best friend, in Spike Jonze‘s Her (2014) man’s best friend is his computer (or operating System). It seems technology has advanced, advancing to such a level replacing the need for true human companionship now comes in the shape of artificial intelligence is it a reflection of today’s…

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  • DVD Review – Hitchcock (2012)

    DVD Review – Hitchcock (2012)

    To fans, admirers he is Alfred Hitchcock but to his friends, colleagues to them you called him ‘Hitch’ hold the cock. Based on Stephen Rebello’s Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho, Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock attempts to deliver the master of suspense at crossroads whilst creating his horror masterpiece Psycho. A film that has a…

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