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  • Netflix Review – Shirkers (2018)

    Netflix Review – Shirkers (2018)

    In 1992, a 17 year old me was considering what options to take in my work life. Like many of us, we all had dreams and aspirations which flew out the window when reality sinks in. The other side of the world in the small country of Singapore, a young Sandi Tan had a dream…

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  • Netflix Review – Cam (2018)

    Netflix Review – Cam (2018)

    The Internet can be a wonderful tool for discovery, for educational and entertainment needs. It’s also the place to go for your cheap thrills and you would be forgiven to think Daniel Goldhaber, Isa Mazzei‘s Cam is delivering some. Netflix’s Original‘s latest film is set in the world of webcam porn. We meet Alice (Madeline…

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