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  • Film Review – Operation Mincemeat (2022)

    Film Review – Operation Mincemeat (2022)

    Europe is on the brink of loosening Hilter’s grip on Occupied Europe in War thriller drama Operation Mincemeat. John Madden directs this one (Best exotic marigold hotel, Miss Sloane), starring Colin Firth and Matthew McFadyen. The tide of war changed all thanks to a dead body?! It’s 1943. The Allies plan one last all-out assault…

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  • Film Review – Beast (2018)

    Film Review – Beast (2018)

    He may not be on our Television screens anymore, the spirit of Jim Bergerac lives on in Beast. Michael Pearce’s brilliantly dark psycho-mystery loved on the festival circuit, sadly missed on its cinematic run, now available to own. Star-crossed lovers or star-crossed killers? The charming little island of Jersey been the setting for many Television…

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