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  • Film Review – Bones And All (2022)

    Film Review – Bones And All (2022)

    Luca Guadagnino’s cannibalistic coming of age drama Bones And All, a story of young adults looking for their place in the world. Craving not just the delights of the world but eating it’s inhabitants too. Giving ‘fingering’ a whole new meaning. Taylor Russell stars in this one along side Timothee Chalamet as our star crossed…

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  • Films That Have Tailor/Tailoring Part Of The Film

    Films That Have Tailor/Tailoring Part Of The Film

    To coincide with the release of the outfit starring Mark Rylance , we have a look at a selection of films that have a Tailor or some sort of tailoring/fashion design an important part of the film’s narrative. It’s not a complete list nor is it in any particular order. As for the film itself…

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  • Film Review – Dunkirk (2017)

    Film Review – Dunkirk (2017)

    After 9 movies and 4 shorts, Christopher Nolan for his 10th feature leaves behind the gritty comic books, deep space exploration, the meaning of magic, heists,  for World War 2 and Dunkirk. The story of the ‘Miracle Of Dunkirk’ in which nearly 400,000 men find themselves trapped on the shores of Dunkirk beach. Soldiers who…

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