Films That Have Tailor/Tailoring Part Of The Film

To coincide with the release of the outfit starring Mark Rylance , we have a look at a selection of films that have a Tailor or some sort of tailoring/fashion design an important part of the film’s narrative. It’s not a complete list nor is it in any particular order. As for the film itself critically it’ not important.


This was the first film I thought of when I was compiling this list. It’s Disney’s live action adventure Cruella starring Emma Stone as a young Cruella Deville, last played by Glenn Close in 101 dalmations live action. This time it’s all about her young days and her rise in the fashion industry living in 1970s London. She crosses paths with the Baroness (Emma Thomson) world famous fashion designer who in a way becomes Cruella’s mentor great rival. This maybe a ‘origins’ story but it’s a fun and at times totally bonkers one. She is a Vivian Westwood inspired wanabe designer with some extrvagent fashions that bring to the surface that megalomaniacal Disney villian we all love.


classic Aussie film starring Kate Winslet as Tilly Dunnage, the titular dressmaker, who returns to her sleepy hometown to look after her sick mother but most of all wreak havoc (and revenge) using only the sheer power of her sewing skills. A Dark but humorous film that gained the film 2 oscars that was called Unforgiven with a sewing machine.


2001 film starring Geofray Rush as the titular character also starring GePiers Bronson. Based on a book written by John LeCarre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and you know right away it’s not going to be about tailoring. Rush is a convict turned tailor turned informant who puts his skills to espinage to spy on the government of Panama.


We go back to the 1950’s london with Paul Thomas Anderson’s film starring Daniel Day Lewis who said it was his last film. He plays the controlling and obsessive dressmaker Reynolds woodcock . He runs his busniess with his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville) dressing royality, film stars, socialites but Reynolds desires companionship which comes in the shape of Alma (Vicky Krieps) who becomes his muse. Their relationship is intoxicating, turbulent and Cyril can see’s Alma is affecting her brothers work. A man with a cold heart and eyes just for his work

KINGSMAN : The Secret Service

If Q from James Bond was in this film he would be a tailor, Matthew Vaughn’s hyper violent action thriller is that comic book film thats not DC or Marvel, like many franchises the original film is the best though has many faults. A stylish film that heads back to Saville Row that makes the importance of the gentleman part of the ‘Kingsman’ agency dressing smart is as important as your tools of the trade. Colin Firth stars as the mentor to Taron Egerton’s Eggsy giving him a chance to join the secret service rather than behind bars.


1951 classic film starring Obi Wan Kenobi himself sir Alec Guinness. A man who finds himself in umpteen dead end jobs that hardly pay the rent. Until creates a fiber that he make into a white suit that is impervious to the elements — it cannot stain or wrinkle. At first a hero to all only to become the enemy when the manufacturers relaise its bad for business


This was one I didn’t think about until the very last minute as a certain young woman has to go to the ball, yes Disney’s Cinderella. With the help of her little Mice helpers and fairy godmother Cinders creates the Ball gown that will leave Prince charming heart missing a beat and trying to find who left there glass slipper at the ball?


Tim Burton’s gothic but campy sequel to his 1989 Batman film . Michelle Pfieffer is Selina Kyle aka Catwoman who is nearly beaten to a pulp by her villainous boss, whose transformation scene into the iconic villainess is amazing. culminates in her pulling out her sewing machine and slicing together her notorious  latex costume.

Other notable films

The Incredibles, Carrie, Pretty In Pink, Sleeping Beauty, John Wick, Brightstar

This list was first on Scary Monsters And Super Geeks Internet Radio Show

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