Scary Monsters, and Super Geeks

A lot has been happening in my little world. Yes mentally still bit of a struggle and I feel bad that I haven’t updated Chronicles In Film more regular than I hoped. One thing I do want to point out is I am a resident film critic on Internet Radio show Scary Monsters,and Super Geeks.

For the past few weeks along with Michael from Geek Chocolate we have been sharing our views and wisdom on film, television, all things geekery. The show is hosted by Grant Orino a mix of music with the views from myself and Michael. This has been a regular gig for myself since March and every Tuesday on Voodoo Radio Internet Radio from 7pm until 9pm. You can hear myself chat about a new release along with a list connected with the film, genre or a actor on that film. Sometimes something completely off kilter.

What I am going to do is that list I create after the show has aired I will post it here on Chronicles In Film. I will look to convert my notes for the review into a proper review as well. I will shortly post the last two weeks film lists. Today as we speak (25th April 2022) I will be watching the film I set to review The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent which will be aired on Tuesday 3rd May along with my favourite Cage films.

For anyone interested this could kick off Chronicles In Film Podcast, stay tuned!

Tomorrow 26th April, you can hear my review of Operation Mincemeat and some of my favourite war films. You can hear that episode from 7pm and heres the link to Voodoo Radio Online.

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