Episode 4 The Chronicle Podcast – ‘Femme Fatales’

Finally episode 4 of The Chronicle, the official Podcast for Chronicles In Film has finally arrived.

For reasons I won’t go into, I was unable to post anything here on the website and the elusive fourth episode. Those reasons are now over and I’ll be working to bring those new reviews and features sooner rather than later.

The new episode is very much a taster of what I do elesewhere. For anyone who follows myself and The Peoples Movies will know I am also a regular critic on the internet radio show Scary Monster And Super Geeks which airs on Voodoo Radio Online. On the previous episode which aired on the channel 18th April, I chatted about Femme Fatales, which are a core subject of Film Noirs subgenre. First I share what an Femme Fatale is, then you can hear myself chat about Gilda starring the legendary Rita Hayworth then it’s the list. The list I talk about some of the greatest Femme Fatale’s in cinema, it’s not a complete list just an selection.

You will notice there is a lot of editing on this episode and there’s a simple reason. On Scary Monsters And Super Geeks in between the reviews and lists there is songs. Those songs have been cut out for copyright reasons, this is the longest episode so far, do enjoy.

You can hear myself and other critics on Scary Monsters And Super Geeks every Tuesday 7pm on Voodoo Radio Online.

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