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  • DVD Review – The Raid (2011)

    DVD Review – The Raid (2011)

    When someone tells you ‘don’t believe the hype’ in regards to a certain film you have to say the majority of the time there true as that film ends up being a disappointment not living up to the hype. However, there are times such as Gareth Evans The Raid a film that’s built up such…

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  • DVD Review – The Aggression Scale (2012)

    DVD Review – The Aggression Scale (2012)

    You ever wondered if  Macaulay Culkin was given a gun instead of a Michael Jordan cut out what Home Alone might have been like? Steven C.Miller’s The Aggression Scale might just be what Home Alone with guns would be like and it’s fun, violent roller coaster ride into Home invasion territory fans of the genre…

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  • Blu-ray Review – Crawl (2011)

    Blu-ray Review – Crawl (2011)

    When you witness an audience that has a reputation of been very vocal sit in silence mesmerised in what their watching you know you’re watching something truly special. That audience is the world famous Film4 Frightfesters who love to show their appreciation, the venue was 2012 Film 4 Frightfest at Glasgow Film Festival, the film…

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  • Blu-ray Review – Blackthorn(2011)

    Blu-ray Review – Blackthorn(2011)

    When it comes to Westerns they don’t go hand in hand with me, it’s like having Charlton Heston the chairman of the anti-gun lobby. I never really jumped on board the recent trend of making Westerns (or remaking as they like to do these days) despite living in a household which Cowboy novels and films…

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  • Blu-ray Review – Corman’s World:Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel (2011)

    Blu-ray Review – Corman’s World:Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel (2011)

    For years (and probably still by some) he’s been loathed by film snobs but loved and praised like a God by cinephiles Roger Corman. 400 films over six decades to his credit many may brush him off as another master shlockmeister, king of trash films, but those with an eye for films know Roger Corman…

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  • DVD Review – The Divide (2011)

    DVD Review – The Divide (2011)

    Xavier Gens knows how to deliver the visceral terrifying experience, Frontier(s) was one of the most harrowing brutal journeys you’ll experience and one of the many reasons why New Wave French horror is so popular. Post-apocalyptic films many have tried many have failed  reasons we may not know why as we don’t or ever want…

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  • Film Review – Trishna (2011)

    Film Review – Trishna (2011)

    Attempting to adapt literature classics into films is sometimes like treading on eggshells. You have two routes, the safe route a straight forward word by word adaptation or you could go for the contemporary reworking transporting a story possibly to another timescale or at least another location.British film director Michael Winterbottom is no stranger to…

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