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  • (Some) Michelle Yeoh’s Best Performances

    (Some) Michelle Yeoh’s Best Performances

    Recently on Scary Monsters, Super Geeks Internet Radio Show, I reviewed Everything, Everywhere at once starring Michelle Yeoh. I’ve made a list of some of Michelle Yeoh’s best films and shows. Like every week it’s not a complete list just a selection and not in particular order. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) She was Pierce Bronson’s…

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  • Films To Watch If You Enjoyed Operation Mincemeat

    Films To Watch If You Enjoyed Operation Mincemeat

    Currently in UK and Irish cinemas (out now on Netflix in USA & Canada) is war drama Operation Mincemeat starring Colin Firth, Matthew MacFadyen,Kelly Macdonald. If you enjoy this film, below is a list of similar or great war films to watch… Darkest Hour (2017) The Oscar winning film that earned Gary Oldman an award…

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  • Films That Have Tailor/Tailoring Part Of The Film

    Films That Have Tailor/Tailoring Part Of The Film

    To coincide with the release of the outfit starring Mark Rylance , we have a look at a selection of films that have a Tailor or some sort of tailoring/fashion design an important part of the film’s narrative. It’s not a complete list nor is it in any particular order. As for the film itself…

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  • Scary Monsters, and Super Geeks

    Scary Monsters, and Super Geeks

    A lot has been happening in my little world. Yes mentally still bit of a struggle and I feel bad that I haven’t updated Chronicles In Film more regular than I hoped. One thing I do want to point out is I am a resident film critic on Internet Radio show Scary Monsters,and Super Geeks.…

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