Films To Watch If You Enjoyed Operation Mincemeat

Currently in UK and Irish cinemas (out now on Netflix in USA & Canada) is war drama Operation Mincemeat starring Colin Firth, Matthew MacFadyen,Kelly Macdonald. If you enjoy this film, below is a list of similar or great war films to watch…

Darkest Hour (2017)

The Oscar winning film that earned Gary Oldman an award for best actor playing Winston Churchhill .the newly appointed British prime minister must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler or fight on against incredible odds. During the next four weeks in 1940, Churchill cements his legacy as his courageous decisions and leadership help change the course of world history. Plays on the mythology of Churchill but also plays like a Greek Tragedy as many who were meant to be on the same side line up to stab him in the back. Oldman is solid as the man, not the perfect film, just a story that had to be told.

The Imitation Game (2014)

Benedict Cumberbatch’s film starring as the iconic Alan Turring, who fought two battles. Cracking the Enigma code that turned the tide the war against the Nazi’s and being a gay man during a time when it was illegal to be simply homosexual. A moving tribute to a genius.

Schindler’s List

Possibly one my favourites ever Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece which also introduced a certain Ralph Fiennes who who become Lord Voldermort . He plays Amon Goth in charge of the concentration camp the Schindler Jews find themselves in. Oskar Shcinlder played by man of many particular skills Liam Neeson is an Chech industrialist only interested in profit. It shows the utter disraged for life from the nazis and the atrocities he wittness changes his outlook and uses every trick in the book to keep the 1200 Jewish workforce alive as possible until the end of the war

The Man Who Never Was (1956)

Roger Neame’s espionage thriller thats actually also based on the same story as Operation Mincemeat. This time this is one the spies are the ‘soldiers’, they do all fake set ups as they did in John Madden’s film. Hitler got his hands on the documents he believes the documents are real, but sends a pro-Ira Nazi agent to London to investigate including the ‘girlfriend’ played by the seductive Gloria Grahame, who eventually radio’s Berlin ‘Martin is genuine’

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

This film is fantastic, another astonishing story about a man who wanted to go to war but as an medic as he considered himself as a Pacifist’ . Andrew Garfield plays Desmond Doss a Seventh-day Adventist who won the Medal of Honor despite never carrying a weapon into combat, His regiment hed out to the heavily fortified Okwina Ridge. We first see the struggles, bullying from the people who go ont sacrifice himself to save them. Mel Gibson directs which is first melodramatic only to end in a visceral, violent battle. Underrated film

Fury (2014)

David Ayer’s war film lead by Brad Pitt, in the closing days of World War II Pitt leads a crew into the Germany in a sherman tank nicknamed Fury. The war might be ending but they travel through to take on those fanatical holding areas. It’s a hard hitting film, gruelling, shocking violence at time the teams are exhausted , even suffering from PTSD in a haunting silent scene. The men will never know normality again.

Zulu (1964)

Many films attempt to dehumanize the enemy see the war from one side, this film shows the tribal warriors just cannonfodder, some may argue was this film ‘racist’? Possibly. The film is re-enactment of the defense of Rorke’s Drift by 150 British soldiers from 4,000 Zulu warriors is stirring action cinema. Frenzied at times, you see the struggles, the fear, the claustrophobia as the film is set in one scene. It’s the film that made Michael Caine, some may call it a masterpiece.

Other notable films

John Woo’s Red Cliff, Braveheart, Last Of The Mochians, Inglorious Basterds, Von Ryan’s Express, The Longest Day, The Dam Busters, The Bridge Over River Kawai, The Grave Of The Fireflies, son of saul

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