Films/TV Shows With A Multiverse/ or Parallel Universe

To celebrate Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, my list this week is films /TV shows that have a similar Multiverse or Parallel universe part of the storyline.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

It’s the film that laid the path for The Multiverse Of Madness. The film starts with J.Jonah Jameson (Daily Bugle editor) which is now a online news site revealing to the world Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Peter heads to The Doctor for help to cast a spell to make people forget everything. Off course things go downhill which sees some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes from alternate reality appear, he does however get help from 2 unexpected friends. It’s a fan service and considered Tom Holland’s best Spider-Man film.

WandaVision / What If….

The Multiverse isn’t new to MCU though alternative timeline/Multiverse sort of kicked off on several Disney+ series. WandaVision plays a big pivotal part of the new Doctor Strange film, which Wanda (elisabeth Olsen) Vision (Paul Bettnay) find themselves first in a black& white I love Lucy style sitcom, then through the decades. The beginning we don’t really have a clue what’s going on, things change half way when we start to learn what’s going on. You could say this Multiverse of madness is potentially a conclusion. What If… Marvel’s animated anthology answer’s what if certain conclusions in MCU didn’t happen the way they did. This show does have things that happen in Doc Strange’s film.

Man In The High Castle

The prime video post world war II dystopian series which the Nazi’s and Japanese won World War II. USA has been halved with nazis having oneside and Japanese imperial army the other. We follow this series is based on the classic Phillip K.Dick novel of the same name. We start in 1962 we meet Juliana Crain who finds herself thrust in the middle of a resistance. All thanks to a mysterious film that shows the Allies won the war. 4 seasons had a great build up which gradually reveals this alternate time lines, sadly final episode ending disappointing.

Star Trek

As part of Starfleet’s protocols never interfere in timelines , off course every Star Trek series and spin-off series had at least one episode where they broke the protocols deliberate or sometimes not. One of my favourites was from the original series, season 2 and Mirror, Mirror when a transporter malfunction transporting Kirk, Mcocoy, Scotty and Uhura into a dark parallel reality (which in the Star Trek universe wouldn’t be called a Mirror Universe for a long time). In this Universe where the Enterprise is very barbaric, evil with a sort of Roman warrior way of running things. They get help from the Mirror Spock to change things for the better and of course escape. Meanwhile at the same time on the true Enterprise the evil mirror Kirk is transported. This was a highly entertaining episode that would inspire some of the best episodes in the star trek universe. Discovery used the Mirror universe a lot in the first (best) Season. Apparently this will play an important part in Strange New World new series.


2013 indie sci-fi thriller that was messing with timelines before the Marvel Cinematic Universe messed with them. This is a complexed storyline based around a reunion of friends get together for dinner and the party is cut short when the power goes off thanks to passing comets. A few of the friends look outside nd notice one light is still on, its when they make there way over the fun starts. It’s a low key psychological mindbender and like any party when the booze flows, the tensions rise, back stabbing errupts, gossiping. This maybe a sci-fi, it’s also an excellent character study thriller too with plenty of twists.

Source Code

Duncan Jones aka Zowie Bowie follow up to his arthouse debut Moon. This one stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Colter Stevens who dies in a horrible train accident. Somehow he’s suddenly alive again becoming part of a secret government programme which he must relive last 8 minutes to try find out who planted the bomb that caused the train he was on to explode. This is more of your run of the mill popcorn fodder type of film, not perfect entertaining end of the day. Not exactly parallel universes but tampers with timelines that re-create alternate realities.

Happy Death Day 2

This one has a similar premise to Source code but takes the horror route. Based on a University campus which our main character relives her own death by a masked babyface serial killer. This time throw in the parallel Universe when she learns to build a time machine to track baby face who is once again killing her friends.

Sliding Doors

Many of these multiverse films are usually sci-fi or horror genres, This film is a full on romantic/ dram. This one stars Gwyneth Paltrow whose future life depends on her catching the train from work to home. If she gets the train she catches her boyfriend cheating with another woman, if she misses the train she’ll not catch him in the act. She does come suspicious netherless. It’s a basic premise it does however get the alternate reality premise cross perfectly.

Notable Mentions

Everything Everywhere All At Once , Avengers Endgame , Avengers: Infinity, Doctor Strange (2016), Another Earth, Mr Nobody (Jared Leto, before his ego went downhill),The Lego Movie, The One

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