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  • Film Review – The Cleansing Hour (2019)

    Film Review – The Cleansing Hour (2019)

    As they these days, you can find anything online including exorcisms! In Damien LeVeck‘s The Cleansing Hour, exorcism go live online and is our ‘priest’ battling (fake) evil every week? Everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame these days. Those opportunities used to come in the shape of talent shows in pubs and…

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  • Film Review – About Endlessness (2019)

    Film Review – About Endlessness (2019)

    If there was ever going to be a filmmaker to chronicle the diversity of human behaviour it’s got to be Roy Andersson. The veteran Swedish filmmaker recently finished his’ Human Trilogy‘ ( Songs From The Second Floor, You The Living and A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence) returns with another slice of…

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  • Amazon Prime Review – Blow The Man Down (2019)

    Amazon Prime Review – Blow The Man Down (2019)

    Murder, fish knives, dark family secrets, sea shanties and female empowerment are all the range in small town noir in Blow The Man Down. The film marks Bridget Cole and Danielle Krudy‘s feature film directorial debut (the pair worked in short films and Television).I watched this at the Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year, describing…

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  • Film Review – Lost Transmissions (2019)

    Film Review – Lost Transmissions (2019)

    The well used saying  “never judge a book by it’s cover” is probably the greatest  used saying in so many situations including people. In our daily lives we’re sometimes too quick to judge people, thinking we know everything about them from one action or what they said.  Mental Health is an invisible illness that’s on…

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  • Film Review – The Truth (La vérité , 2019)

    Film Review – The Truth (La vérité , 2019)

    Japanese Filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda is what you would call an expert at painting the portrait of  family life, intimate even social commentary much like the way Bong Joon-Ho does it. For Kore-eda’s latest film it’s another first for him, his first Non-Japanese language film, The Truth (La vérité). The family dynamics are explored through a…

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  • Film Review – Bliss (2019)

    Film Review – Bliss (2019)

    Joe Begos is one of the filmmakers who proudly wears his influences on his sleeve. His couple of films (Almost Human, The Mind’s Eye) where like love letters to the genre films he grew up with. Inspired by the likes of David Cronenberg‘s Scanners, First Blood, Death Wish, even Brian DePalma films.Critically the response for…

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  • Film Review – Bacurau (2019)

    Film Review – Bacurau (2019)

    ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’, it’s a saying you can use in many situations including describing films like Kleber Mendoca Filho and Juliano Dornelles‘ Bacurau. A film you may think you about,  but you really don’t. All about wealthy inequality, class struggle, dripping in blood-lust and Udo Kier! More and more we’re seeing…

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  • Film Review – Suicide Tourist (2019)

    Film Review – Suicide Tourist (2019)

    Suicide remains a very sensitive and controversial  topic, even more when it’s assisted  suicide. Religion plays a big part in many peoples lives and even the mere mention of the word can cause problems. In Jonas Alexander Arnby‘s  Suicide Tourist tip toes into assisted suicide as tourism! With quality of life diminishing for many people…

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  • Film Review – Joker (2019)

    Film Review – Joker (2019)

    ‘Smile be happy‘, you will be if your the CEO of Warner Bros Pictures. Todd Phillips Joker may not be your ‘average comic book movie’. Nor does it have to be or need CGI or spandex characters to deliver. As I write this review, the film has just picked up two Oscars…Best Actor, Best Score.…

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  • Film Review – Sorry We Missed You (2019)

    Film Review – Sorry We Missed You (2019)

    Here in the UK, we seem to live in a society that rewards the wealthy getting richer. They also reward for ‘punishing’ those just simply trying to exist. It doesn’t help much that the nation’s press are predominantly right wing. Who take great pleasures at demonising the unemployed, the lowly paid, to them they are…

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