Film Review – American Animals (2018)

The line between fact and fiction are blurred in Bart Layton‘s indie Heist feature, American Animals. As four bored Kentuckian students attempt to pull off a heist by simply watching everything from Riffifi, Ocean’s Eleven to Reservoir Dogs. Can these boys really see themselves as ‘thieves’ after watching hours of classic crime flicks? Layton’s debut… Read More Film Review – American Animals (2018)

Blu-Ray Review – Ready Player One (2018)

Recently a younger relation called me ‘old’, asking what my generation ever give to film and pop culture. Two words Steven Spielberg, a master storyteller who helped shape the blockbuster film. This week we see the home entertainment release of Ready Player One, a nostalgic ride into the Eighties and Nineties pop culture. Spielberg influence/inspiration… Read More Blu-Ray Review – Ready Player One (2018)