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  • Film Review – Arrival (2016)

    Film Review – Arrival (2016)

    Communication is the greatest gift anyone can have, from body language to actually talking to one and other. Sadly these days society uses this gift to abuse or use them for ulterior motives. In Denis Villeneuve‘s Arrival the relationship of humanity is put to the test thanks to emergence of the mysterious aliens. In 2020…

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  • Blu-ray Review – The Bourne Legacy(2013)

    Blu-ray Review – The Bourne Legacy(2013)

    There was never just one’, a great tagline and a good way to guide us into the world of Aaron Cross Treadstone’s latest guinea pig and the ‘other one’ in the world of Jason Bourne. The question is are you ready to step back into Jason’s world even with the departure of Matt Damon and…

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