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  • Film Review – White Noise (2022)

    Film Review – White Noise (2022)

    Unfilmable books seem to be Hollywood’s greatest challenge . Many have succeeded (Lord Of The Rings, Trainspotting), others like Noah Baumbach’s White Noise should have stayed unfilmed. Tinseltown seem to get a little ambitious every now and then and take a detour off the remake path to make something original. Kudos to any film-maker adventurous…

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  • Film Review – House Of Gucci (2021)

    Film Review – House Of Gucci (2021)

    Superman was questioned if he was a bird, was he a plane? In Ridley Scott‘s House Of Gucci is it a historical drama? 1980’s Dallas style Soap Opera cheesefest? A comedy or simply all of them? The name Gucci is synomous in the fashion world. An ego centric family who would do anything including stabbing…

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  • Film Review – Tracks (2013)

    Film Review – Tracks (2013)

    In 1975 I was born taking my first steps in the big adventure called life. This was also the year a young woman embarked on an ambitious journey to trek across the barren Australian Outback with only 4 camels (and her dog) to keep her company. Tracks is based on the true life story of…

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