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  • Film Review – Vivarium (2019)

    Film Review – Vivarium (2019)

    Life is just like one big lottery, no one knows what each day will brings. We approach every day with a level of contentment hoping a little bit of luck will shine us. Bang it hits you with an unexpected curveball, like the classic Frank Sinatra song ‘That’s Life‘, we adapt and hope for the…

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  • Film Review – Adventureland

    Film Review – Adventureland

    Adventureland stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, Bill Hader, Martin Starr and Ryan Reynolds and is set away back in 1987. Its set just before that year’s stock market crash and James (Eisenberg) a recent school graduate now preparing (as well asking for more money) to conquer Europe (and loose his virginity) with his friend…

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