Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 133

We’re nearly half way through October which can mean only one thing, film Podcast time. Yesterday I recorded this month’s Outside Centre Film Podcast, the the podcast dedicated to World Cinema. Episode 133 saw myself and host Theo Neumann go Scandinavian and big on family plus some Nutella! As ever, if you enjoy full open… Read More Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 133

Film Review – Border (Gräns , 2018)

Who are we? Where Do I belong? Questions peoples ask universally every day. From gender, sexuality to ancestry. In Ali Abassi‘s Border (Gräns), a womans indentity is ingrained in Swedish Folklore. Probably the strangest uniquely surreal original film you’ll see in 2019! Abassi’s film shares a lot with Ari Aster‘s Midsommar, in what genres can… Read More Film Review – Border (Gräns , 2018)