Listen To Outside Centre Film Podcast Episode 133

We’re nearly half way through October which can mean only one thing, film Podcast time. Yesterday I recorded this month’s Outside Centre Film Podcast, the the podcast dedicated to World Cinema. Episode 133 saw myself and host Theo Neumann go Scandinavian and big on family plus some Nutella!

As ever, if you enjoy full open honesty on your podcast, you’ve came to the right place!


Charter – Nordic Film Council award nomination from Sweden, follows Alice, a divorced mother to tries to bridge the relationship between herself and her children by whisking them away to the Canary Islands for a holiday, without notifying her ex husband.

Perfectly Normal Family – Danish Director Malou Reymann tells the story of Thomas, who would undergo gender realignment and become Agnette, and how it affects their family unit going forward. The story is said to be based on a similar experience with the Director’s own father.

Onkel – Directed by Rene Frelle Petersen, this Nordic Film Council award nomination follows Kris, who lost her father to suicide and is now looking after both her Uncle (Who’s had a stroke) and the surrounding farm. Kris, who also aspirations to become a vet, becomes friendly with a man of similar age locally and she wrestles with the contentment of her current life versus the promise of something bigger and better,

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You can listen to the previous episodes I was on, click on the links below. The podcast release two episodes a month with filmmaker/writer Ben Woodiwiss the guest critic on the other episodes.

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