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  • Film Review – Side Effects (2013)

    Film Review – Side Effects (2013)

    Swan songs are usually great momentous occasions, for prolific Steven Soderbergh Side Effects looks likely to be his cinematic one (Liberace TV Biopic his TV one). It seems he’s not making a lot of fuss about the  occasion but should we the cinephiles be making a fuss about his  Freudian neo noir   farewell? After several…

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  • DVD Review – Sleep Tight (2011)

    DVD Review – Sleep Tight (2011)

    For many years Nick Ross on BBC’s long-running Crimewatch tv show used to tell us to ‘sleep well, don’t have nightmares’, In Jaime Balaguero‘s Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes) literally the nightmare is under you!Under your bed!For the past few years Balaguero has been recognised as one half of the creative team that delivered [Rec] Franchise…

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