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  • Film Review – Tropic (2022)

    Film Review – Tropic (2022)

    Sisterhood and brotherhood can be bonds that are hard to break. In Edouard Salier‘s Tropic, the brotherly bond is vigorously tested as brothers train to become astronauts. Science fiction doesn’t always have to be about invading aliens, the unknown, or even technology. Salier‘s drama is very much a sci-fi story grounded in reality, with a…

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  • Episode 3: The Chronicle Podcast Listen Now ‘Glasgow FIlm Festival’

    Episode 3: The Chronicle Podcast Listen Now ‘Glasgow FIlm Festival’

    Last Sunday 12th March 2023 marked the end of the 2023 Glasgow Film Festival. What perfect reason to create Episode 3 of The Chronicle, the official film Podcast of Chronicles In Film. Glasgow Film Festival celebrated it’s 19th year in existence with film for all. A wide selection of great independent films from around the…

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  • Film Review – Frantz (2016)

    Film Review – Frantz (2016)

    When it comes to war, history has shown the only winners are those in power who have taken their nations to warfront. The losers are akways those stuck in the middle, the soldiers and their loved ones. In Francois Ozon’s Frantz (2016) we visit that pain, guilt and grief post World War One, can we…

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  • Film Review – Proxima (2020)

    Film Review – Proxima (2020)

    Parent child relationship movies are no stranger to the big or small screen. Rarely do we see films focusing on the mother daughter relationships. Alice Winocour‘s Proxima delivers a rare onscreen moment, to share that love and struggle. Eva Green gives an gilt edged performance of a French astronaut in training attempting balance aspirations with…

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  • Film Review – The Truth (La vérité , 2019)

    Film Review – The Truth (La vérité , 2019)

    Japanese Filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda is what you would call an expert at painting the portrait of  family life, intimate even social commentary much like the way Bong Joon-Ho does it. For Kore-eda’s latest film it’s another first for him, his first Non-Japanese language film, The Truth (La vérité). The family dynamics are explored through a…

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  • Film Review – The Night That Eats The World (2018)

    Film Review – The Night That Eats The World (2018)

    2020 is the year of isolation, when everything stood still, could there be a film that reflects our current time? Yes…Dominique Rocher‘s The Night That Eats The World. This mark’s the filmmaker’s directorial feature debut. Based around around the novel by Pit Agarmen‘s novel of the same name (La nuit a dévoré le monde). Anders…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Cold Water (1994, Criterion Collection)

    Blu-Ray Review – Cold Water (1994, Criterion Collection)

    24 years after its release, Olivier Assayas Cold Water (1994, L’eau Froide) finally gets it’s (Blu-Ray)Home Entertainment release courtesy of The Criterion Collection. A coming of age story of urban teen angst in 1970’s Paris, France. The film is regarded by some as Assayas ‘debut’ film when ironically it was actually his fifth if anything…

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  • Film Review – Personal Shopper (2017)

    Film Review – Personal Shopper (2017)

    It feels like a lifetime ago when we first met Kirsten Stewart as a young Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga Movies. For many young actors that franchise could have trapped you in a typecasted nightmare for the rest of your career, not Stewart. She rolled up the sleeves and worked her socks off establishing…

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  • DVD Review: The Adopted (Les adoptés)

    DVD Review: The Adopted (Les adoptés)

    There’s two sayings I like to use a lot,”We’ve got to start somewhere so why not here?” and “Family’s Family”,these two saying are very relevant to The Adopted(Les adoptés)the directorial feature for French actress Melanie Laurent. The film may not be Oscar winning material but a film with real promise for a debut about Families…

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  • Film Review – Évolution (2015)

    Film Review – Évolution (2015)

    A film doesn’t always have to make sense to be entertaining if it provokes your curiosities it’s served its purpose. Lucile Hadzihaililovic‘s Évolution falls nicely into this bracket, an enigmatic film of discovery, a sexual awakening that may disturb you, captivate you, perplex you evolving into nuances of life. Évolution follows the thematic experiences similar…

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