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  • Who Is Jacques Mesrine?

    Who Is Jacques Mesrine?

    Who is Jacques Mesrine you may ask? Last Friday (8th) the UK saw the release of the 2 part bio-epic of the man, and in this article/post, I hope to shed some light on who he was and also some info on the actor who is playing him. Jacques Mesrine Jacques Mesrine was born in…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Rebellion (2011)

    Blu-Ray Review – Rebellion (2011)

    After several years floundering in Hollywood mediocrity actor come director Mathieu Kassovitz marks his welcome return to form with Rebellion (L’ordre et la morale). A no holds barred shameful account on a little unknown black spot on French colonial history. Dividing his time behind and front of the camera Kassovitz plays Phillipe Legorjus an anti-terrorist captain…

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  • DVD Review – Lucky Luke (2009)

    DVD Review – Lucky Luke (2009)

    Last Year when Italy’s so-called biggest selling comic book Dylan Dog starring Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) became a film and was released in U.S.A, it was been branded one of the most popular and biggest selling comics in the world it was greeted with Dylan Who? Believe it or not, over Easter the film even…

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  • DVD Review – The Divide (2011)

    DVD Review – The Divide (2011)

    Xavier Gens knows how to deliver the visceral terrifying experience, Frontier(s) was one of the most harrowing brutal journeys you’ll experience and one of the many reasons why New Wave French horror is so popular. Post-apocalyptic films many have tried many have failed  reasons we may not know why as we don’t or ever want…

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  • Film Review – Point Blank (À bout portant, 2010)

    Film Review – Point Blank (À bout portant, 2010)

    In the days of everything been rebooted or remade you would easily make the mistake and think Fred Cavaye’s POINT BLANK is a remake of John Boorman’s 1967 revenge flick of the same name but its not. POINT BLANK (or A Bout Portant its correct French name) is a sleek fast paced action thriller which…

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  • DVD Review – GAINSBOURG (Vie Heroique)

    DVD Review – GAINSBOURG (Vie Heroique)

    After Watching F I was glad I decided to watch this movie next rather than first as it really cheered me up after a dull affair. The 20th century has brought us a fair share of colourful icons and this movie was about one of them….Serge Gainsbourg, artist cum singer/ songwriter who redefined the popular…

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  • Film Review: Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1

    Film Review: Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1

    I was so looking forward to this and I decided to watch this again at the Glasgow Film Theatre instead of the general cinema and it was worth the wait! I was very fortunate to get a seat for Death Instinct as it was near the full house so I decide to go a little…

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  • Film Review: Mesrine: Killer Instinct

    Film Review: Mesrine: Killer Instinct

    After finding the trailer for this movie by accident on youtube, I read everything I could about the movie and who (Jacques) Mesrine was I just more and more excited for its release in the UK, and I was not disappointed! Mesrine: Death Instinct is the first movie of this 2 part French gangster epic…

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  • DVD Review – Our Day Will Come

    DVD Review – Our Day Will Come

    When it comes to red head I’ve secretly had a soft spot for the ginger population.From my first ever girlfriend to manager of the football team I support all great people but they’ve all had one thing in common apart from the obvious hair colour all been victims of prejudice. Our Day Will Come (Notre Jour Viendra)…

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