DVD Review – Our Day Will Come

When it comes to red head I’ve secretly had a soft spot for the ginger population.From my first ever girlfriend to manager of the football team I support all great people but they’ve all had one thing in common apart from the obvious hair colour all been victims of prejudice. Our Day Will Come (Notre Jour Viendra) marks Romain Gavras arrival into French and World Cinema, arriving with a abrasive attitude that only the likes of Lars Von Trier can match, but question is has Gavras got the charasmatic fortitude to match the level that the eccentric Dane has risen too? Only time will answer that question.

Our Day Will Come is a road movie of 2 men, Remy (Oliver Barthelemy) a young man bullied not just by the football team he plays for but also his mother and sister.This leaves him lacking in self-belief, frustrated young man who seems to channel his inner rage racial as well sexual taunts. Patrick (Vincent Cassel)a disillusioned  psychotherapist bored to death listening to other people’s woes and in a dire need of an escape route and Remy presents Patrick that perfect route a ‘victim’   someone to reshape, reform and manipulate into the young person he thinks he should be. Patrick ‘understands’ Remy’s frustrations, his cry for help he is also a redhead after all like Remy!

Remy now has his mentor, father figure he’s been crying out for in all his life the pair decide to head out on the road with no set plans on where to go. As we watch the Remy been manipulated psychologically, sexually we eventually learn Remy’s desire to go to Ireland the pair start the  pilgrimage to the fair isle en route causing some mayhem, destruction and carnage on the way.

Our Day Will Come is like the anarchist’s war cry for the redhead population of the world, a cry to pick up arms to ensure their voice will be heard this route might have been our protagonist’s choice for action but any sane redhead    knows official routes are the  legible way. The movie’s origins come directly from the director’s musical video background and MIA’s ‘Born Free’ song which previously showcased redheads victims of prejudice   been beaten up, shot at by the police and you can imagine this video caused a bit of a stir when it was released.

Our Day Will Come certainly feels an extension of that video and feels a little-stretched   making the movies story a little thin at times to be a feature movie. Dont  get me wrong for a debut feature it’s a bold creative effort but it just was lacking that slightly darker edge   along with some meaning for the pairs violent outbursts. How ironic is it that our protagonist’s feel the use of weapons   as a quick retribution against their oppressors with the end result leading to more anguish, this is sadly a route many youngsters in this country are taking who feel surviving on the streets you must carry weapons to earn respect.

Vincent Cassel   once again shines in this movie, he’s the David Bowie of cinema talented, classy and a  chameleon of their perspective art they blend into any genre/film perfectly. If you took Cassel out of this movie Our Day Will Come would have been a  forgettable mess but what does give is a Don Quixote on acid performance whilst Barthelemy been one-half of Thelma & Louise.Solid debut feature for Gavras and looking at  other former music video directors cum film directors (Michael Bay) if Gavras  stays away from Hollywood’s greedy bright eyes France will have a potential new name to add to the list  legendary  film makers the nation has given to the cinema world.

Available on DVD & Blu-Ray Now.

★★★| Paul Devine

Drama | France, 2010 | 18 | 22nd August 2011 (UK) | Studiocanal | Dir.Romain Gavras | Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthelemy, Justine Lerooy | Buy:Our Day Will Come [DVD]

Originally Post at Cinehouse | 10th September 2011

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