DVD Review: Panic Button

There was a time when mobile phones where for calling people, plus texting and computers for work, games, internet. The social Networks have grown drastically,no need for a computer all you need is an expensive phone and bobs your uncle. The social networks they are important to this site but there controlling the young minds of the world who can’t go minutes of their lives without been on facebook or bebo.With security issue plaguing online surfing let’s ask the question do you read the terms & condition? Probably not and do you think when you set your profile on private are private? No, if you answered No to both questions PANIC BUTTON will be your worse nightmare.

The Low budget horror story has a very simple plot. 4 unexpecting members of a social network site called all2togethr.com believe they are winners of an all-expenses trip to New York.All 4 winners all strangers get settled into their private jet but soon as the jet reaches 30,000 feet the ‘in-flight’ entertainment begins but this isn’t your average general knowledge variety but a quiz that takes the shape that’s based on the winner’s online habits. The quiz is held by the animated CGI only known as Alligator but as the alcohol get’s owned by the litre the atmosphere turns sour as the questions, tasks get darker as the repercussion’s for failure or refusing to complete take a sinister twist.

PANIC BUTTON is a cautionary tale, one of safety online. We all know about the positive but sadly too many negatives are rearing their ugly heads but we do nothing about it. Privacy is still the big the issue causing much concern these days with this film highlighting the loopholes online predators, cyberbullies, thieves who can easily access sensitive personal information. What this does prove without the right measures, every step we make online can be easily traced without you even knowing about it.

Panic Button doesn’t cliche itself by aligning itself to the generic constraints of the stereotypical horror, what it does is highlight the fact a massive part of the world’s population can’t live without interacting with the social networks.Since the film made it’s premier back in the summer at the Film 4 Frightfest we’ve been hearing constant similarities with the Saw franchise yes there is a few but no more.The most notable connection is the sinister voice over ‘gamemasters’ who hide behind disguises but when it comes to the ‘games‘, Panic Button doesn’t take the gore route of Saw however, we do occasionally get flashes of blood, this film plays on the psychological scares keeping it atmospheric, moody intense fast-paced with a bit a dark humour is thrown into the array.

Despite its flaws, Panic Button is the best of the bunch in the similar style films, a fun gripping well-executed techno-horror that asks the viewer why so many people entrust so much personal information to social websites. These social sites are the nicotine of today’s young generation, no matter how hard you try you can’t stop going back for more.

★★★| Paul Devine

Horror, Thriller | UK, 2011 | 18 | 7th November 2011 (UK) | Cine-Britannia | Dir.Chris Crow | Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon, Michael Jibson, Joshua Richards,Elen Rhys | Buy: Panic Button [DVD]

Originally posted at Cinehouse |7th November 2011

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