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  • Episode 2: The Chronicle Podcast Listen Now

    Episode 2: The Chronicle Podcast Listen Now

    It’s finally here Episode 2 of The Chronicle, the official Podcast of Chronicles In Film. For this week’s episode we have 2 classics from Asian Cinema from Eureka Entertainment. First up is Hong Kong action comedy Magnificent Warriors (1987). Starring a young Michelle Yeoh as a secret agent during the Sino-Japanese war. A film which…

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  • Chronicles In Film Now Twitter!

    Chronicles In Film Now Twitter!

    It’s taken us nearly 7 years to catch up, but we’ve done it. Chronicles In Film is now finally on social media! Since day one of the blog we have been sharing The Peoples Movies social media to share new posts, info . We will still use those one but now we have twitter and…

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  • Films Set In Tokyo, Japan

    Films Set In Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo Japan is a wonderful city and last month I visited the place for 7 nights. I ticked it off my bucket list, a holiday that’ll never forget. For this feature, I’ve decided to look at 10 films set in the fantastic city or has pivotal scenes in Japan’s capital. The choices some may not…

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  • Best Bill Nighy Performances

    Best Bill Nighy Performances

    The wonderful Bill Nighy is the star and leading actor in Living. The English language reboot/remake of Akira Kurosawa’s classic 1952 Ikiru. In celebration of Living now in UK cinemas I’ve decided to create a list of some of Nighy’s best moments. Sometimes that film might be critically acclaimed other times not but he is…

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  • Films that twist Or Change The Plot at The End

    Films that twist Or Change The Plot at The End

    This week’s list ties in with the other new release Fall. In this film, near the end there is a twist which we won’t spoil . It does change things for our protagonist. Below is a list of films that the last scene changes their plot changes or has an unexpected twist. As like every…

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  • Scary Monsters, and Super Geeks

    Scary Monsters, and Super Geeks

    A lot has been happening in my little world. Yes mentally still bit of a struggle and I feel bad that I haven’t updated Chronicles In Film more regular than I hoped. One thing I do want to point out is I am a resident film critic on Internet Radio show Scary Monsters,and Super Geeks.…

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