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  • Film Review – She Said (2022)

    Film Review – She Said (2022)

    five years after ‘sexual predator’ Harvey Weinstein road to his downfall, we get She Said. The film based on that New York Times story that charts the downfall of the movie mogul. Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan play the reporters Jodie Cantor and Megan Twohey. If you know the history of the movement, you know…

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  • Film Review – Call Jane (2022)

    Film Review – Call Jane (2022)

    Phyillis Nagy has made a name for herself as screen writer notably Todd Haynes Carol, now making her directorial feature debut with Call Jane. The story of the power and the right choose for women in 1960’s USA. It’s terrifying to think that a film set 60 plus years is slowly resonate with what’s happening…

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  • Film Review – The Woman King (2022)

    Film Review – The Woman King (2022)

    Fans of Black Panther have you ever wondered whom those bald headed Dora Milaje female warriors that defended Wakanda inspired by? All is revealed in Gina Prince-Bythewood’s The Woman King, The Dahomey Amazons better known as Agojie. Africa is a nation not known for it’s action packed stories in Hollywood especially ones with true historical…

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  • Film Review – The Front Runner (2019)

    Film Review – The Front Runner (2019)

    Who would want to be an Politician? Apart from those who openly exploit the ‘expenses’ loophole, a political career seems a toxic career choice. Jason Reitman‘s The Front Runner focuses one one of the so called ‘Good Guys’ of American Politics, Gary Hart. The young pretender who had the keys of the White House in…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD

    Blu-Ray Review – Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD

    When we pass a certain landmark birthday, the realisation you’re getting older time is flying by you. Been in my 40’s does have its advantages, born in 1970’s, a kid in the 1980’s. An era when of some of the greatest ever comics were born, like 2000AD. 1977 may have been ‘anarchy in the UK’…

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  • Blu-Ray Review – The Founder (2017)

    Blu-Ray Review – The Founder (2017)

    For many decades Worldwide people young and old have been (and many still are) have been ‘Loving it’, the McDonalds Brand. You wonder when the world renowned company gets so big, even a muttering there is always an urge for a Big Mac or Milkshake. Profits have become more important you wonder behind the success…

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  • Film Review – Their Finest (2017)

    Film Review – Their Finest (2017)

    British cinema may not have risen to the dizzy heights of Hollywood, but for our size were proud of what we’ve done or are we just too humble to admit? Keep calm and carry on, the British Ministry Of Information are to make things right in Lone Scherfig‘s (An Education) Their Finest. A warming nostalgic…

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  • DVD Review – DeepWater Horizon (2016)

    DVD Review – DeepWater Horizon (2016)

    Hollywood and multi-billion dollar corporations are like 2 peas in a pod, they will never step on each other’s toes and in movies more likely to be filled to the brim with product placements.In today’s Tinseltown, it takes a lot of balls to smear a company’s reputation and Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon, it was something…

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  • Film Review – A United Kingdom (2017)

    Film Review – A United Kingdom (2017)

    The power of love does wonders for many people even if that love is regarded by some as ‘Forbidden Love’. In Amma Asante‘s  A United Kingdom, it’s a love that caused a rift between two nations, as a man’s right to lead his nation. On paper, this sounds astonishing and it’s story that had to…

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  • Film Review – I’m Not Your Negro (2017)

    Film Review – I’m Not Your Negro (2017)

    Powerful words deserve a powerful platform and Raoul Peck’s I’m Not Your Negro gets that platform, bringing James Baldwin’s voice to the big screen. Unless you know the ins and outs of the history of the American Civil Rights movement the poet-novelist Baldwin will be virtually unknown. But take into the fold his friends network…

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