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  • GFF 2011 Review – Norwegian Wood (2010)

    GFF 2011 Review – Norwegian Wood (2010)

    My first hand experience of a Haruki Murakami novel was reading Hard Boiled Wonderland and the end of The World a very obscure fantasy that left me with the feeling WTF did I just read, though very riveting. NORWEGIAN WOOD is the top opposite end of the scale from Hard Boiled, a more sombre tale…

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  • DVD Review – Confessions (2010)

    DVD Review – Confessions (2010)

    When It comes the Oscars it’s anything but a cliche when it comes to who’ll win the main awards. It’s also the same when it comes to the best foreign feature and sadly Japan’s official entry didn’t even make the final five, but it’s down to narrow mindedness of the judges, its there loss but…

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